Books:a treasure of stephen king

after finishing stephen king’s “Different Seasons” ( a collection of 4 novelettes from which the Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me are drawn) i was hungry for more short stories.

i found a tresure. it’s called “Nightmares and DreamScapes” by Stephen King. it’s a collection of 20 short stories. real cool ray bradbury type stuff. and not out of your mind scary. just good clean fright and creepy stuff. king says in the intro to let yourself go and be a kid again, and that i did. it’s been a fun ride. so far i’ve only finished 5.

thinking about getting a good Nike bag that has a place to put your favorite novel at the top.

Yeah. One of the stories in Nightmare and Dreamscapes is a direct rip off of The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe except instead of a cask of fine liquor, it’s a stupid ass car. I read that when I was in the sixth grade when I was still on a Stephen King kick. Four Past Midnight is halfway decent although the movie version of The Langoliers was kinda lame.

i think he “alludes to” or maybe outright “steals” from Poe and Bradbury. what i lioke about him is the way he shows how dumb humans can be sometimes. his descriptions are really good.

i absolutely love the midnight flyer.