Books for editors in Taipei


I wonder if anyone has found The Chicago Manual of Style in Taipei and where.

It seems that some people far prefer Words into Type by Skillin & Gay.

Any help appreciated. :unamused:

The only time I remember seeing CMS is at the annual book fair. Bookman (above the McDonald’s across from Taida) would be the most likely store to have a copy.

I’ve never seen a copy of WIT for sale in Taiwan.

If you can only afford one, get CMS, because it’s newer and covers more ground. But WIT is also excellent. You should get both, if possible.

If you order a used copy of either – try – remember to check the edition. CMS 14 and WIT 3 are the most recent.

editor’s note (October 2003): A newer edition of CMS has since been issued.

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Thanks, Iris