Books in languages other than English and Chinese

Does anyone know of any bookstores that have a large selection of books in languages other than English and Chinese? I’m most interested in European languages, but would also like to know about any Japanese or Korean bookstores. Thanks.

Four letters for you… F-N-A-C. That is, if you want a wide variety of French literature. Since FNAC is a French chain, they have a lot of books both in original French and popular English books translated into French. I don’t know about other European languages. There’s one in the Shinkong Mitsukoshi across from Warner Village and in Asiaworld Mall on Nanjing E. Rd.

If you’re looking for Japanese, you might want to try the Kinokuniya at Breeze Center. I walked in there expecting something like the Singapore Kinokuniya (where my cousins get their latest German youth novels). But it mostly seems to cater to Japanese clients. Haven’t found any German books in Taipei yet. The weirdest thing for me is the “German” section in the NTU Eslite: not a single German book.

Good luck