Books in Taiwanese

I have a personal hobby to collect books written in every language I can get my hands on. Well, I already got Chinese, but I wonder where I can get books written in Taiwanese (and maybe also Hakka, if available. The culmination would be some aborigines languages, but maybe that is extremely hard).

I did not really search explicitely for it, but I didn’t yet stumble across any book in Taiwanese in some bookstore. I would like to have one book in romanization (Pe̍h-ōe-jī) and one in characters :smiley: Preferably something which is not about church or linguistics, maybe just some kind of novel or something like that.

Is there maybe a bookstore which specializes on this kind of books in Taipei? Or does anyone have a nice list? I don’t find a category specifically for books in Taiwanese on


Go to the Taiouan e Tiam at No. 6, Lane 76, Xinsheng S Rd Section 3 in Taipei (台北市新生南路三段76巷6號). Also, you can check the books page on my website, although I really need to update it.

Ok, I will check it out.