I need to find more English bookstores in Taipei. I really want to buy the Narnia chronicles in a boxset, so does anyone know any bookstores with children’s books. I’ve already tried all the Eslites, Caves, Bookman on Xinsheng Nan Lu, Lai Lai on Roosevelt and that one on Jinhua Jie. Does anyone know anymore???



Are you aware that you can order books from Eslite? I’ve done this before and its pretty easy.


Fnac might have what you’re looking for.

Address: NW corner of Dunhua N. Rd. and Nanjing E. Rd.
Tel.: 8712-0331


I’m pretty sure the Eslite above Asiaworld has the Narnia set, but I’m not sure if it’s boxed. That sort of specialty item is tough to find here. For example, the Hobbit/LOTR set is easy to find, but we had to onto Amazon to get the heavily discounted boxed set.


Try the children’s English book store on Chinhua St. Turn off of Hsinsheng S. Rd section 2, the first traffic light south of the Hsinyi intersection, and past the elementary school, opposite a little park, before the first traffic light, there are a bunch of shops, and the store is in there. I bought a couple of narnia books there.


Try LUCKY bookstore on the first floor of the main Shi-Da building on Hoping East Road. They have some stuff you won’t find elsewhere.