Boom! (This one's for you Tigerman)

I saw this one live and it actually shook my TV and left me crying in the corner like a little baby.

Well, that was an awesome hit… another in a long list of videos of Ward simply destroying opponents.

The B’more ratbirds have been saying that they are going to get Ward for years now, but every time the STEELERS play the ratbirds Ward explodes another ratbird.

Now the STEELERS play the bungles again this Thursday night and cincy fans are screaming for one of the bungles to smack Ward. I predict that even if ward does get smacked, he’ll get up smiling, as usual and then crush another bungles player.

Ward is a beast.

Da Bears…

And if you thought the last one was a cheap shot. Check out how he whip lashes this DB head on.

Europeans have told me this doesn’t hurt because they are wearing a helmet and padding. :loco:

It goes both ways…Worthlessberger getting canned.