Bopomofo tutoring program for PC?

Does it exist? Half an hour on google and a search here turned up nada, but a simple PC program would seem to be a perfect way to learn my bo po mo fos. Anyone know of one?

Bopomofo isn’t rocket science and definately not worth designing a whole computer program to learn. All you have to do is attach 30 odd little pictures to their sounds. What I would suggest you do is use your googling skills to download the sound for each character and then just learn them. If you do 5 a day you could be done in a week!


I was going to say almost the exact same thing…

Buy a chart at your local whatever store. Hang it up behind your TV or computer. Recite. Takes about 2 weeks with casual study I think.

Maybe you could download a “normal” flashcard program that is Unicode compliant and then input the bopomofo symbols using a Chinese-Traditional input system to make flashcards.

I sympathize with your desire for one – I’m very flash-card and computer-oriented myself. Always seems like less work to do something if I can somehow use the computer to do it!

I found that one of those kid’s flashcard sets did the trick. Cost about 100nt from any book store.

I’ll second the above posters, however if you really want a software to learn this, try the Far East Chinese Pronounciation Software: … TWINB00009

I was thinking of something similar–is there a typing tutor for bopomofo? These are usually cheap and would help you learn pronounciation and keyboard skills. How do kids here learn to type? This also might be more fun than flashcards. I imagine most electronic stores would have something like this.

to be honest, I think using a keyboard to type bpmf->characters is actually pretty straight forward conceptually.
It’s just a matter of getting used to the interface primarily, but also, being really familiar with bmpf in your head helps with the speed of it.
For me, it is a slow thing, but other than practice, I am not sure that any tutorials could help much.
To see a local typing Chinese at full speed really is impressive, and IMHO deserves a “that’s incredible” jacket.

BTW, Taiwan sourced mobile phones usually have english and BPMF input, so that’s another handy (and electronic) method to practice BPMF, remembering that the phone will not provide you a character if you try an impossible combination.

My learning partner and I have sent chinese SMS’s to each other. It’s a good way to mix up the fonts for your reading too.

I like the flashcard idea. I was thinking that a typing game might be good because it reinforces the pronounciation and would teach you the keyboard at the same time.

This is how I first started learning to type–I think it was on a commodore 64. The only real reason I have for learning bopomofo is typing and I thought it might kill two birds with one stone.

ironlady wrote:

A woman after my own heart! I’m just an audiovisual learner. If I can interact with it, I learn much more quickly.

I’ve been playing in flash with a typing and pronunciation game. I probibly won’t finish it now; the NT150 childrens book with CD of BPMF songs is quite effective, and my girlfiend has been coaching me, too. Still, any intrest if I managed to get this thing running?

I use this one快打高手注音測驗.swf

Hope you enjoy.