Bordering on mullet territory

can someone help me? i need a haircut pretty badly…but i dont want a massage or any of the other shit that hikes up the prices and wastes my time. i consider getting a haircut to be a stressful thing and would like it out of the way as soon as poss. english speaking would be a plus…i want to somewhere in taipei…where do you lads go?

Do a search on haircut you get many, here are more specific ones. … ht=haircut … ht=haircut … ht=haircut

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For the front-row forward look (and provided you’re not going for a job interview), do what I do: buy yourself some hair clippers for about NT1,000 and get yer bird, or one of yer mates, to do the shearing. Of course, I’m from New Zealand so sheep-related activities are always the first option.

Just wander down some of the alleys and you will find cheap hairdressers where you can just get a basic haircut rather than the full beauty treatment. Just be a little careful–a barber’s shop is not always what it seems in Taiwan :wink:

Wenzhou Je (Near Tsui Ma Ma)

About 150 meters on the left as you walk up from Roosevelt. look for a barber’s pole. Friendly, cheap service at NT$200 for a cut, and optional shampoo massage costs NT$100. She has many style books. All you need to do is choose a do, and she’ll oblige. She speaks a little English.