Boris Johnson vows to protect Christians

Boris Johnson vows to protect persecuted Christians around the world. The article also says that a foreign office report found that Christianity is now the worlds most persecuted religion.


No one should be persecuted. But good to see some recognition that many Christians are persecuted around the world.


It’s all the evangelicals fault. They’re just weird.

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Well, that’s one helluva can of worms he just opened. Exactly how does he intend to do this? Any attempt at doing something concrete will simply result in howls of “you’re interfering with our sovereignty!” or “racism!” or “Islamophobia!”

OTOH I think it’s a good thing to point out that Britain’s core values are (or at least were) founded on Christian principles, however imperfectly. I suspect the Muslim world hates the West (and the UK in particular) in part because it has abandoned any pretense of belief in God, or at least some higher purpose than making money. They accuse us of being Godless heathens. Well, so are they - by and large, the Muslim world is religious but not Godly. But they’re still right.


Judeo Christian values yes. His intention is good let’s see if he follows through. About time too. I like this line of yours “The Muslim world is religious not Godly”

Which values? You may infer a certain skepticism on my part :slight_smile:

Outside of obvious historical reasons, I would point to our social freedoms and related customs, which indeed are decidedly unreligious and ungodly.

Just BoJo’s way of kissing up to old white Tories and saying a hearty “sod off” to Muslims and Hindus in Britain. ’

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The UK does have a state religion, and it’s not Islam or Hinduism.


Not Sikhs my friend, we love Sikhs. Long live the Bengal Lancers!
No one in the UK has an issue with Hindu people too except Muslims.

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Well, me too. The UK has historically been of the Christian-with-a-big-dose-of-hypocrisy persuasion. But as Dr_Milker said, the UK never did that separation-of-Church-and-State thing, and the Christian religion has been a driving force behind political decisions for centuries (not always for the good, of course) and the religion itself evolved with those decisions.

If you want an example, British jurisprudence is to a certain extent founded on the Christian ideals of mercy and redemption (as opposed to revenge and punishment).

Depends what you mean by “social freedoms”?


Yes I agree and it also works on the subconscious level. “Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth” , “Turn the other cheek” even such insults as “Go to Hell” , “Not if hell froze over”. I’m.sure simeone will find some of those are not biblical as I haven’t googled them , but I find it hard to believe western people have not been heavily influenced by Christian imagery , literature (intended or not by the author) and so forth. Even hatred of the Church and Christianity would mean one had been influenced by it.I agree with Finley on this.

Personally I don’t think these two should be lumped together - they are different religions - but you’re probably right that there is influence from both.

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Fair enough , I was just parroting that. :+1:

They are weird, but I have a feeling it has to do more with communism and Islam being very any-Christian. Actually, so is Judaism, but they’re more passive aggressive about it.

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You mean like the way they have Chinese take-out for Christmas? :grin:

They do?

Well, yeah. Petty stuff like that. Or Larry David pissing on Christ’s image in Curb. Mature stuff, you know.


if he follows the strategy of Viktor Orban, then it’s a step in the right direction


I dunno, something about a lo mein on Dec. 25th feels like you’re stopping too low.

Depends on the quality.

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