Boris Johnson vows to protect Christians

Cthulhu has been waiting for longer than you can conceive of.

You can’t conceive what I can, and even if Cthulhu has waited longer than long, all the more reason for you to be punctual. When your time is up, it’s up! :no_mouth:

Oh, agree. It clearly states that women are subordinate, gays are detestable, and slavery is acceptable. Modern attempts to twist Christianity to try to pretend it condemns such ideas are where it trips over its own feet.


The slavery one perhaps you can show me where in the New Testament? In the Quaran it is clear that slavery is allowed. Jesus did not condone slavery , prove me wrong.

It clearly states whatever you want to read into it.

The Bible is way above most people’s reading level. In fact, it’s above the reading level of most preachers. How else can there be so many mutually contradictory interpretations?

I’m no fan of current sentimentalist mores, which, by the way, were inspired by Christian sensibilities carried to a reductio ad absurdam. But let’s get real. The Bible is a Rorschach test.

Jesus never got asked about slavery. It’s anyone’s guess what he would have said about it.

yup I’m still waiting on @MikeN1 for where Jesus said he condoned slavery?

The Apostle Paul said some stuff about slaves that I interpret as: suck it up, slaves, because we want to all get along and besides life is temporary anyway. My interpretation may be wrong.

oh ok but Paul was not quoting Jesus

Because many things are not made explicit or contradict other information we have.

He didn’t say it, but he certainly condoned it by never saying anything against it, by treating it as a normal part of the human condition in various interactions and parables, and by stating that no part of the OT law would become invalid. So it’s what he didn’t say.

Nah it isn’t not in the slightest. Did he condone pedophilia too ? Is that why Mohamed.was an active pedophile? By your logic it means we are all guilty including you of anything we didn’t say.

Was pedophilia explicitly codified in the Old Testament? Then yes, he should certainly have spoken against it. Did Jesus refer to pedophilia in a mundane way, as if it was not a matter of concern? Was pedophilia an accepted part of the ancient world in the same way that slavery was? Well then yes, he certainly should have said something against it, otherwise if we are to regard him as some kind of moral teacher then yes, he certainly was condoning it. I would take a look at your own logic.

condone verb 1. accept (behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive). “the college cannot condone any behaviour that involves illicit drugs”

For much of human history, in most societies, what we now call pedophilia wasn’t even a thing. People were married off at puberty for the fairly mundane reason that they had a high chance of being dead in 20 years’ time, and had therefore better get on with the job of reproducing. The Bible has nothing to say about it one way or the other.

IIRC Jesus never condoned slavery; it was Paul who said that it was the natural order of things for a slave to submit to his master. But remember that Paul and his ilk were giving advice about society as it stood. What use would it have been for him to preach that slavery is wrong? The entire Roman empire accepted it as normal, and slaves who misbehaved were subject to draconian punishments. OTOH, good slaves owned by good masters might look forward to manumission and a retirement sponsored by their former master. “Do as you’re told, do it with equanimity, and things will go well for you” was solid advice, even if it wasn’t going to change the world.


Exactly. In fact from the Christian view point it was accepted that we were all servants to God. Jesus had no slaves unlike Mohammed who had a nine year old wife which we must be quiet.about whereas Jesus is now considered by Tempogain a slave enabler :joy:

You’re now saying in ancient times slavery was considered unacceptable :rofl:
You just strangled your own argument by quoting an English dictionary. :joy:

No I didn’t. He accepted behavior that we consider morally wrong. That’s the point. What possible difference does it make to us that it was considered acceptable then? Your desperation is showing.

lol really it’s not. This is not a playground, and you can’t see what you said was so funny. You said he condoned it, how can from your definition he have condoned it if it was acceptable then ? You wanted to try and play word gymnastics and cut your own throat. :joy:

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Enjoy your great moral leader, and have a nice day.

oh come on you attacked first. No need for sarcasm. :+1: Peace

??? I responded to your direct request for information. The sarcasm is fully merited considering your responses.

He condoned Coldplay.

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