Boris Johnson vows to protect Christians

No, Coldplay didn’t exist yet. Slavery did.

Come on Rollo. Insult our intelligence if you must, but at least treat us like 4-year-olds, not 2-year-olds.

We’ve been over that one before, in another thread. I’m sure it came up before that as well. Maybe it should be pinned… :cactus:

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He never spoke against Coldplay. Never.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

See previous reply. :baby:

OMG, I just agreed with rowland!

No, not my homeland :grin:.

And I wouldn’t call Spain,Italy ,Portugal or France failures either. All these places are nicer than Poland. Spain and France generally make Taiwan and the UK look like grotty hellholes :grin:.

If that’s failure let’s have more of it. Some of the best places in the world to live .:sunglasses:

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He didn’t, nor did I claim He did. I didn’t realise you regard the Apostle Paul as a heretic.

Aisha was not a slave. She was a wife, with all the attebdant satatus and privileges of other wives.

How old was she ? Simple question ?

ok he didn’t so do you wish to talk about Paul or Jesus make your mind up.

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Oh c’mon. The Republic was famously … erm, rural before the EU imposed a bit of civilisation upon the natives, and much of the short-lived economic boom was due to FDI. Anywhere south of Rome, similar story. Spain was under a Fascist dictatorship (which used Catholic memes to hold onto power) until the mid 70’s. And France is about as Catholic as England is Protestant, ie., not very much.

I’m not arguing that the UK isn’t a grotty hellhole. Just pointing out that Catholicism, looking at the general global experience, isn’t conducive to social progress. And I’d absolutely rather live in Taiwan than in France (I’ve tried both). The main downside of France is that it’s full of French people.

The Catholic monasteries preserved a lot of important literature after the fall of the western Roman Empire, so there’s that.

On the other hand, nobody but the monks could read.

On the gripping hand, all this accomplished was to set a floor below which the decline of civilization could not descend, while at the same time impeding progress.

I guess he was his wife. Amazing how everyone else is limited to 4 wives. But Allah told Muhammad he could own as many as 9. Allah must have really loved Muhammad. He was also blessed with the strength to 30 men because he apparently had sex with all of his wives every night.

But Muhammad bought, sold, and owned slaves. It seems he even captured them. In the Hadith he actually trades 2 black slaves for 1 Arab slave.

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Why is it the failures are attributed to the natives and the successes to the EU…Suddenly…For the first time ever :joy::joy::joy:

Ireland’s doing well, is a fantastically beautiful country with a rich history and world renowned cultural heritage .

It’s the height of arrogance to say we need civilisation imposed on us.

Thanks but nil aon thintean mar a thinteain fein.:wink:

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I’ll attribute failures to the natives, but I won’t attribute successes to the EU.

Urbanization is overrated anyway.

Is this still a thread about Christianity? Simple question.

Then to whom? Cthulhu’s minions? Not the “Anglo-Saxons” again, I hope… :roll:

Let’s wait until there are some solid successes, because urbanization doesn’t impress me.

The simple answer is yes unless someone puts a direct question to me as you have just done and I will reply, either with an answer or my own question :smile: Or you in your great position of power temp the thread :smile: