Born after '85 but have job opportunity for 12mnth training


New to the forums but have been reading a lot of different threads lately. Here’s my situation: I’m born in '89 and have dual citizenship for Canada and Taiwan. I have the Taiwan ID card as well. I have secured a job offer through friends of friends that requires a 12 month training program in Taiwan before I can be sent to their offices in another country (either Singapore, HK, or China, where I would be able to work without worry of conscription).

I understand the rule for people born after 1985, that I can only stay a cumulative of 183 days within a year. But what I read in another thread is that you can stay over the 183 days a year, but you will have a warning (1 of 2 total allowed?) and if you stay over 365 days total, then you will 100% be forced to do military service. What I’m wondering is, since I only need to be working in Taiwan for 11-12 months (will most likely save up all my holidays for the end of the year so I can possibly shorten it to 11 months or so, or discuss with HR and ask them to let me do 10 months), is it possible for me to just take that 1st warning and leave before the 365 days (I’ll leave before 340 days to be safe, I guess), or is there still a high chance I will be forced to do military service?

For me, if the risks are low enough, say this rule about the warnings is true and I can get off easy by just taking that first warning, then I will definitely accept this offer. Finally, my last question is whether or not the HR department of the company will be communicating with the Taiwanese Immigration. Meaning, would I just get rejected right away once HR has completed all the necessary official documents for the job offer and told Immigration that I will be staying for 12 months? Thanks in advance to those who reply! :slight_smile:

Anyone have any info on this?

When are you starting this job?

If you come in after June with a Taiwan passport, they will not call you up this year. They will call you up on April (2014)