Born in Taiwan but left when I was young

So, here’s my situation:

  1. I was born in Taiwan
  2. I was abandoned and found and placed in an orphanage
  3. When I was placed in the orphanage, paperwork was filed that registered me with that “household” (I have an ID number)
  4. I was adopted when I was about a year old
  5. I entered the US on my Taiwanese Passport and then was naturalized
  6. I am now back in Taiwan

My questions:

  1. Can I get an ID card, or am I stuck getting an ARC?
  2. What would I need to do?
  3. If I can get an ID card, how would military service play out? (I am 23, but I have a congenital disability that affects my hands and arms)


I don’t know, but welcome back!

I think that there are a lot of postings on the Forums (here on regarding this general type of inquiry.

However, two pertinent questions I would have are as follows:
Where are you living now? How old are you?

I believe that there are different requirements for those who have passed the age of 20.

In regard to your medical problem, you will want to get a health check done at a military hospital, in order to verify that your condition makes you unsuitable for military service. In Neihu District, Taipei, there is the Tri-Services Hospital, a military hospital also open to the general public. If you have NHI, you could inquire there about getting a checkup to prove your condition.

In general, I believe that “naturalization” procedures are handled by the Household Registration Office in your locality of residence.