Boston or Salem

Hi all.

I am currently at a trade show in Boston, and have decided to take one day off - tomorrow.

I can either walk around boston, or I can go and see Salem, however I cannot really make up my mind.

Which one should I take?

I love history etc.

Boston has no shortage of history. I’d stay there.

I lived in Salem and worked in Boston for a year. You will get a LOT more out of staying in Boston! :slight_smile:

Salem is a fun little town, but has commercialized its witch trial history to the point of becoming tacky and cheesy for the most part.

If it were around Halloween time, however, I would say head to Salem!!

So one day in boston? What woukd u do? Note… Boston marathon is that day.

As a history buff, you might like the Freedom Trail (map).

I don’t think the marathon route would close the places along the trail.

I always liked walking around the Harvard campus, too.

I take that one. Thanks!

Dude. I hope you’re okay

Thank you, I am, did neither go near the JBK library, or the marathon.

Good to know you are okay Mr He!!

what weird timing. stay safe.

That said, I would still recommend Boston over Salem. Just so many more historical sites and very walkable city. short T ride to Cambridge. Could rent a car and go over to Kennebunkport (for lobsters, etc.). But I would got see that trail. lots of good restaurants there. There’s one called Green Dragon (I think) which is where the original rebel patriots conspired. It’s the original building I’m told (I believe it, Americans were probably a lot shorter back then).

Glad to hear, H. :thumbsup: