Bottom's up ;)

First of all, don’t we think a lot of ourselves thinking your fellow prisonersr will want to have sex with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I’m not sure being a straight man means you will not experience anal sex. As I said in my earlier post… I know of straight men who have liked something up the ass – from fingers to dildos to penises. I don’t think that finding pleasure in penetration of your ass is exclusive to gay men. Plus, I don’t think that just because you like having something up there that that, necessarily, makes you gay. As you mentioned in your initial post being gay is more about sexual attraction to other men.

Though, I understand what you are trying to say. You have no desire to try it so will (probably) never have that experience.

I don’t know if I’d agree with that statement, SD. My bf and I tend to be more oral than anal. And, as with many couples, that is fine with us. Neither feel that we are missing out on anything. And, I’ve had multiple orgasmic -like reactions with just oral sex. :smiley:

I think, as I mentioned before, that it all basically comes… cums? :laughing:… down to personal preference and individual physical reaction. Some guys like to have their nipples played with. Some do not. Some guys like to kiss. Some do not. Some guys like to… ok, lets say it bluntly… get fucked. Some do not. In fact, some guys like to fuck (be the top). And, some do not. (98% of the time my ex preferred to be the bottom).

Each of us is different and we may never understand why something turns someone else on. The important thing is to accept those difference as part of life and go on. There is nothing wrong with trying to understand those differences as well… maybe you’ll actually learn something. And, I applaud Wolf and the other str8 guys on here who are comfortable enough with asking the questions and having this discussion.

I was, as bear64 was, worried that this discussion would turn… ah… ugly, as it were. But, I think it has been a very good discussion so far.

Actually I really don’t have an opinion. The brain as they say is the most powerful erogenous zone and if it leads to a jolly rear rogering be it finger tongue dick or thumb, then so be it. I’m very much a hippy when it comes to matters of the cot.

I suppose the closest I’ve come to any real thinking about it is to ponder the increased presence of anal sex in porn, and from that one presumes into the bedplay of straight folks, and if there is any correlation with AIDS awareness. There does seem to be a greater risk of AIDs through anal sex for both parties. Of course one can play safe but it is interesting that anal sex has become more in vogue in the time of AIDS. Or has it to do with the increased acceptance of homosexuality? Do metrosexuals take it up the batty?

Or how weird is the rastafari view? No eatin’ of de muff and batty man be bad, bad, bad. To think they had so much else going for them (on the surface) and they had to blow it with ridiculous sexual bias.

A song to go out on.

 Girls, who are boys, who like boys to be girls, who do
 Boys like they're girls, who do girls, like they're boys
 Always should be someone you really love.


I tried to get some more info for Wolf last night after sex with my boyfriend. I asked him why he preferred being a bottom (passive) … his answer was “I don’t know, don’t ask me why.” I went on to ask him if it was the physical pleasure, emotional pleasure, or if he felt as the younger partner if that was the role he was supposed to play (in line with the traditional Chinese belief) … again his answer was “I don’t know, don’t ask silly questions.” Sorry I couldn’t have been more help, Wolf! :?

On another note, it’s interesting to note that in the records/stories of homosexuality/homoeroticism in classical Chinese literature, anal sex is usually the only sexual act mentioned … no mentions of oral or manual stimulation … the Japanese nansoku tradition seems to be the same. It’s fascinating to me how things such as sex, which acts to perform, and which roles to play were so rigidly controlled by social constructs.

I’ve heard bi-annual prostate massages by a comely nurse are covered by national health insurance in France and that men (straight and gay) take full advantage of it. Can any French people confirm this rumour?

As a straight guy, I can definitely vouch for the pleasure of being penetrated. A finger or a thin dildo are very pleasurable, though I have no idea about larger implements like penises, bottles and bowlings pins. A light residual mucous will be on your finger or dildo afterwards, which is easily washed off, but it’s not as disgusting as you’re probably imagining it might be. You can’t compare the experience to a doctor’s exam, because neither of you are trying to have fun! You have to do it in relaxed intimate conditions. You don’t even need to move the finger/dildo in and out, sometimes it’s fun just having something gently lodged up your ass. :laughing: :laughing:

Being open to anal penetration is no different than being open to experimenting in any aspect of your life. If you’re risk-loving enough to move from your comfortable life in the English speaking world to a small Asian island where you don’t speak the language at all initially, I can’t imagine you’d be afraid to try a little thing like anal stimulation. Most of us have a naturally negative visceral reaction to the idea of inserting things in the poop shoot. But hell, you only live 60-70 years or so. Worse case you find out it’s not for you! Best case, you discover a new type of orgasm!!

For your first time, I would suggest having your girlfriend lightly touch you up and down your crack, where the skin is very sensitive because it’s never touched in this way. That should be enough to get you so teased and worked up that you’re temped to ask her to insert her finger.

PS: Some people have mentioned unprotected anal sex, and at the risk of sounding preachy, don’t we all know how crazy that is? Due to the nature of the tissues in the anus, HIV transmission is much more likely with unprotected anal sex than unprotected vaginal sex.

All that anal sex talk got me curious about what y’all were talking about two years ago.

I have a question for the gay men out there: do you take turns being bottom and top?

I thought men took turns, like alternate nights, or when they’re in the mood to be on top or bottom. But then some people I speak with are always top or always bottom.

Not I, says the sparrow.


My point is that inserting anything in the rectum is generally painful; inserting something in the vagina is generally not.[/quote]

You boys have obviously never had the displeasure of meeting a speculum.

And I counter that what you experience is not painful, but rather discomfort. Dui bu dui?

I was fearful of it (because of shit) until I tried it for the first time recently. Now I’m like, “What’s the big deal?” It doesn’t feel all that different from “normal” sex. More squishy, a little. The sensation is nothing to get worked up about. The position is interesting, though, it’s nice to feel my hands grab around her tits during sex.

I am still fearful of being on the receiving end, though… :fatchance:

A friend of mine was approached in a store recently. The guy assistant said to him “HIYA, what’s YOUR name, mine’s Catcher

Heard this story through a roommate last year - he and his mates were having one of those “guy talks” about sex, and one of them, a gay guy, interjects with “You know, I wish my boyfriend would let me do the pushing once in a while.”

As you can imagine, this killed the conversation dead like a can of Raid.

So apparently no, they don’t all take turns.

[quote=“914”]All that anal sex talk got me curious about what y’all were talking about two years ago.

I have a question for the gay men out there: do you take turns being bottom and top?

I thought men took turns, like alternate nights, or when they’re in the mood to be on top or bottom. But then some people I speak with are always top or always bottom.[/quote]

Most Taiwanese guys I’ve been with (and just to point out that I usually like younger guys, and I’ve mentioned the whole “gege” and “didi” distinction in Chinese gay culture earlier in the thread) do not want to switch. They are the “didi” and they will ONLY be the “bottom” or “passive” partner. I did a little research over at the most popular Taiwanese gay “personals” web page in which you input your “classification” (“gege” or “didi”) as well as your sexual role (top or bottom). I was actually surprised to find that more go both ways than I had expected, but the larger percentage still are one or the other. Just speaking from personal experience in the West, I would say that Western gay men are more inclined to be versatile than Asians, although there are still more than a few who are one or the other … but then again, that’s just from my personal observations. :rainbow: