Bounced check?

well not really bounced check but my friend wrote a check to me but he didn’t have enough money in the bank, so bank cover for him first(not sure if it’s a friend he knew in bank covered for him or it’s the actual bank covered for him)…but bank can’t find him now I think he left the country, so will bank take the money back? from my account?

He stiffed you and you’re still referring to him as your “friend”? You’re a better person than me. I would have put his name up with a few “bastards”.

In the U.S., the bank will not take the money back from your account. In this case, it is the bank’s problem - if they can locate your “friend” they will have to collect from him, if they can’t find him, then they lost their money.

What happens in the U.S. is that the bank will charge your friend a penalty in addition to requiring him to reimburse them. Again, that’s if the bank can find him. Most honest people will get the money and pay the penalty because they want to continue using the bank’s services.


but That’s what the bank told me when I was opening a card account, they WILL take the money from my friends account. But in real life does it happend GOK ( god only knows)

Why don’t you quickly take the money out from that account so that the bank cannot take it back. Anyway, I think once they gave it to you, they cannot take it back. If they gave it to you by mistake, that is their mistake, too late now.

I heard there is a fraud scheme that involves someone telling you that you won a lot of money and wants you to pay the taxes for it. They would give you something like 100,000 NT then ask you to cover like 10% or something, so the money appears in your account and you wire them the tax, then apprantly the money in your account is check deposit and they disappear after a while. I dont know how this works since as far as I know no one uses checks in Taiwan, and if its money you can’t have access to (like waiting for checks to clear) it would probably appear under “total balance” and your available balance would be what you had before (less the waiting to clear amount)