Boxes of books

I am looking for the cheapest way to transport about 30 kg of books (personal) from the US to Taiwan. Alas, the US postal service does not have a “book rate.”

Ship them to Canada and then to Taiwan. Canada offers slow (cheap) shipping.

really? i find regular Canada post to be one of the most expensive postal systems around.

You can go private companies, might not be enough to make it worth while though. check your post for ocean freight. I strongly suggest you wrapping and taping very well a bag around your books. cheap methods have accidents more often. I forget if its 20 or 30kg, but you may need to pack it into 2 boxes as countries have a weight limit for postal packages. they can tell you that at the post office either here or there.

Seconded. Do NOT ship them via Canada Post under ANY circumstance.
Not only will you be gouged at postal rates, but I bet they would fraudulently try and levy customs duties as well.

Economy postage rate for Canada is exactly the same as Global priority mail… its not worth it at all.