Boxing gumshields/mouthguards

Anyone know where I can get one 0f these?

All of the martial arts supply places have the standard “boil and bite” ones. For upscale protection—I think you gotta mail order.

A good place to start is Taipei’s own BoxingLand at this website


Are you into boxing locally, I want to find somewhere in Taipei for sparring

If you are looking for good sparring mates, go to this website forum (it is a local, Taipei, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club)

And ask on their forum. Several of the guys (their cyber names are “blood”, “scott sommers”, and “miltown kid”) have fought Mixed Martial Arts and also train at Boxingland. They can get you set up. I have never been to Boxingland, but if I remember right one of the guys said the place had good equipment. It is kind of near the Taipei domestic airport.

Also, if you are looking to try something new, Dave Sinclair, who is also on the TaiwanBJJ forum, has a Thai Boxing program he teaches. And he has outstanding credentials (if I remember right he boxed in the UK and fought Muay Thai both in Thailand and in the UK). Even if you are not interested in Muay Thai, David would still be a good resource to get you headed in the right direction.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Mate! , you are a wealth of information and fellow pugilist.

You should be able to get one done at a dentist, moulded perfectly.