Boxing gym in Taipei?

Some drunken prick told me a while ago that there was a real live hardcore Western boxing gym on Nan Jing or Chung Hsiao or summit.
Anyone know more about this?

Self abuse not good enough for ya? is all I know of.

[quote=“the chief”]Some drunken prick told me a while ago that there was a real live hardcore Western boxing gym on Nanjing or Zhongxiao or summit.
Anyone know more about this?[/quote]

Be careful who you’re calling “Drunken” or you’re gonna get some free lessons there WhiteShadow…

Mr Angry-at-the-world-because-Buttercup-stole your-idea-for-a-Poster-name. (Just change your name to Butterbutt, sounds

almost the same.)

I heard it was small, anyone actually workout there?

[quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”][quote=“the chief”]Some drunken prick told me a while ago that there was a real live hardcore Western boxing gym on Nanjing or Zhongxiao or summit.
Anyone know more about this?[/quote]

Be careful who you’re calling “Drunken” or you’re gonna get some free lessons there WhiteShadow…

Mr Angry-at-the-world-because-Buttercup-stole your-idea-for-a-Poster-name. (Just change your name to Butterbutt, sounds

almost the same.)

I heard it was small, anyone actually workout there?[/quote]

I see you didn’t argue the “prick” part.
Workout is a noun.
You mean “work out”.

[quote=“the chief”][quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”][quote=“the chief”]Some drunken prick told me a while ago that there was a real live hardcore Western boxing gym on Nanjing or Zhongxiao or summit.
Anyone know more about this?[/quote]

Be careful who you’re calling “Drunken” or you’re gonna get some free lessons there WhiteShadow…

Mr Angry-at-the-world-because-Buttercup-stole your-idea-for-a-Poster-name. (Just change your name to Butterbutt, sounds

almost the same.)

I heard it was small, anyone actually workout there?[/quote]

I see you didn’t argue the “prick” part.
Workout is a noun.
You mean “work out”.[/quote]

At least I’m honest, how come “Work” is the only 4 letter word you don’t understand.


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Would one have the chance to train on one’s own there or are there group-courses? How high is the monthly fee? Do they speak English?

i know this is kinda late… but here are websites of all the boxing gyms in taiwan. i asked AIBA or asian international boxing association… whatever the name is… anyways they sent me an email with all the websites here they are:

AIBA headquarters website


Any updates on these gyms? Looking to get into boxing during the summer.

So yeah, I’ve actually got some information on two of these gyms, and some casual walk-in experience with a third one.

First, Taipei Boxingland: Hours M-F 2pm to 10pm. Sat/Sun: 10am to 6pm

I worked out here for a few months on and off last year. The place is kind of small but it’s got everything you need: ring (albeit slightly on the small side), two heavy bags, a double end bag, speed bag, and some sparring partners. Also, you get to use their shower, there is only one, but it’s a decent size. No real lockers to speak of, everyone just kind of stows their gear in the back. Some communal (the gym’s) equipment include: gloves, worn out and mostly 14 oz but they’re there, jump ropes of varying sizes and utility, and headgear. They’ve also got a bench press, one of those stands where you can do crunches or leg lifts with your abs, and one or two other basic workout machines in the corner. There are also some free weights. You can buy all manner of gear from them, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it is comically expensive. The mouthpieces were 100 or 200 TWD (I forget exactly), which is the only thing near reasonably priced IMO. There is a small area in the middle for jumping rope and shadow boxing in front of the mirror on the wall. Three, maybe four guys can jump rope here abreast, no more.

My experience with this place was mixed. The trainer there named Tank is a cool guy, but he was in the minority in my opinion. I’m not going to speculate why, but this gym never seemed very welcoming. I’ll explain that comment in further detail in a minute. The fee was 1500 TWD a month. This was to use their facilities and you could get the trainers to hold pads for you as well, but only for 3 rounds. Even if the place is dead, they will only allow you to hit for three rounds. Now, I’m going to regale you with some anecdotes of my first-hand experience with this gym. It may help to know I speak Chinese at an intermediate level.

–My first or second day
-----A trainer named A “something” approaches me while I’m shadow boxing and asks if I want to spar. I’m hesitant because at that point I hadn’t sparred or even worked out in about 4 or 5 months. He assured me it would just be light, “speedo, no power”. Not wanting to seem like a huge pussy, I accepted. I weighed about 75, which is quite out of shape for my skinny ass, and he looked like he weighed about the same, except in shape. Anyway, what followed was a thorough enema like beat-down. I clipped him at one point, but for damn certain he wasn’t holding back. Mind you, the moment we got into the ring, he had not one, but two cronies at the ropes filming this embarrassing episode. Afterward I was like , ok, kind of a dick move, but I’ll live. Oh yeah, this guy kept charging in with punches, but by the third round I had figured out if I got real low, I could duck under them and he would run right into my shoulder. After the fight he tells me that it is against boxing rules to duck lower than some area he points to on his body. I just say ok, and go put ice on my face. About a month later, this guy got canned for something, I dunno what.

Another time
---- I spar with this little guy. He’s shorter and skinnier than I am, so I’m told to keep things light. I say, ok, I’m just looking for some light practice too. They say start and this little guy starts flying at me with his fucking all. I avoid throwing a punch for the first minute or two, I dunno, but at one point I throw out a jab, a fucking jab, which he proceeds to jump face first into. I guess the punch hurt him, cause he starts flipping out like I just pissed on our deal to take it light. I’m a bit confused cause this little shit is going full bore and I’m playing the defensive just so I can avoid catching him with power. Anyway, this little guy starts yelling shit at me he thinks I can’t understand, saying he’s gonna knock me out and shit. The next two rounds I just keep him at bay with the jab, every once in a while throwing a stiff one right into his guard so he doesn’t think its ok to go all kamikaze on me again. It was the least rewarding sparring session I have ever had.

The next day
-----This is when I meet Tank. Tank is a pretty big guy. Over six feet and weighs about, I dunno 90 kg or so. I’m guessing, it could be +/- 10 kgs. I dunno. Anyway, Tank is in shape, he isn’t fat at all. He asks if I want to spar the night after the little shit head, so I say sure. The little shit head is reffing our match. Tank is definitely the better boxer, he’s got more power, and he was definitely in better shape. First round and a half, I stayed pretty elusive, didn’t get hit by anything big, but didn’t tag him with much either. Then my gas ran out. So, I went into, “I’ll just put my dukes up and stand and trade” mode. Not the best tactic, but I was tired. As the third round is getting started, the little shithead, the ref of this bout, is telling Tank he’ll give him 1000 bucks if he knocks me out. Tank didn’t pour it on that round. He hit me with some good shots, then backed off, then did it again, then backed off. The next time I came in, when I was hitting pads with him, he gave me a few pointers.

There were a few other things that irked me, like the time there was no one in the gym but myself, Tank, and the head trainer Jinmao. I had already hit the pads three rounds with Tank, but I wanted to do another three. Tank was all for it, but this is when Jinmao says we need to stop, cause I’m only allowed three a day. And that’s how I found out that rule.

Also, they tried to get me to spar some heavyweight Russian dude named Vulva I think. I was down, but only cause I didn’t give a fuck anymore (about getting beat the hell down). Anyway, I really have no business in the ring with a heavyweight, but whatever, it’s hard to find sparring partners your size and weight. I didn’t especially enjoy my time at that gym, but like I said, they do have all the basics you need.

Next Kenjon: Hours M-F 2pm to 10pm. Sat/Sun: 10am to 6pm

This is the gym I started at earlier this month on May 11th. Due to new management at my job, I’ve got three weekdays that I can possibly make it in around 8pm. They’ve got a bigger space than Boxingland. But, whereas Boxingland is in the middle of Taipei City proper, Kenjon is in Luzhou, which is technically Xinbei I think. For me it’s close, cause I work on the edge of Shilin and its a 15 minute bus ride. But for many people, it would be out of the way. The gym is a 5-10 minute walk from MRT St. Ignatius High School Station on the orange line. The amenities include the following: Big ring, large padded area for jumping rope, easily two or three times wider than Boxingland (not hating, but its my most familiar base of comparison). I think 6 heavybags, two are water type (Boxingland also has one of these), then there’s a bit of variation, different shapes and all. This doesn’t include the four or five mounted uppercut and hook bags. A bunch of jump ropes. Ton of headgear and house gloves it appears, although I use my own. A speed bag, no double end bag though. They’ve got a bench and about four other workout machines I haven’t paid much mind to, as well as some free weights, dumbells etc…

The fee here is 1800/ month. There is also a 2000 TWD start up fee, which includes a little package consisting of: Kenjon T-shirt, mouthguard with case, decent speed rope, handwraps (short, cheap ones), and two cheesy boxing glove window/ keychain ornaments. It seems to include a sort of boxing class which I have only tangentially been a part of as of yet. On certain days from 8-9pm the half of the padded area with the mirror is used exclusively for a box-aerobic class. Also, I think maybe the fee can be used to pay for your final month, I’m not clear on it, but the guy was trying to explain it to me. Anyway, not alot of English here, I use almost exclusively my shitty mandarin, which is great practice for me. There are decent sized cupboards (no locks) to put your shit into. You can fit a decent sized gym bag. I fit my small gym bag along with a backpack. There are two men’s bathrooms stalls where you can change. Also, there’s a shower room which doesn’t do much in the way of privacy but, it does have three stalls.

So far I like this place, but I gotta mention the familiar situation which occurred my first night. Now, I’m just getting back into this after about a year of not stepping foot in a boxing gym.

First night
-----I got my little workout in, asked one of the trainers, (A-An I think) if I could hit pads with him, he says sure. After about a minute, he asks if I want him to put gloves on so he can throw some strikes out my way. Sure, why not. After a minute someone suggests we use the ring cause we are all over the padded area. I have no mouthpiece in or any head gear on so I go, hey, light okay, I’m out of shape. The trainer assures me as we are stepping in the ring, absolutely, light. Fucking Deja-Vu.

We sparred for what seemed like an eternity to me, until finally someone says stop. I ask, how long that was and the trainer shrugs his shoulders and says it was about 4 or 5 minutes. That included about 30 seconds of “light” sparring. The rest was this guy going full bore. The trainer says the next round will only be two minutes, so I say, okay, I think I’ve got enough gas for two minutes,but let’s lighten it up. Trainer is like yeah sure, of course. He calls over what I thought was someone to keep time,but is actually a guy with a camera. Yay, I already know what’s coming next. Fuck it. Guy drills into me non-stop for the next two minutes, my gas is out, but I don’t wanna give him the fucking pleasure of making me quit.

When I cover up, he fuckin goes to town on my body. Round ends, his buddy is commenting on how awesome it looks on film. He walks away, and my dumbass asks, isn’t there a third round? Trainer gets excited about this and calls his friend with the camera back. Third round is a brutal beatdown which leaves my face battered and bruised, with a slight cut on my forehead. He even managed to drop me with a body shot, which I got up from only to receive more punishment till the round mercifully ends a few seconds later. I finish out my workout, and then ask the trainer how much he weighs. About 70kg he says.

Ok, so that was my first day, which is free, and is a trial. It took a week for my face to heal, but I was in the gym the next day and joined. It is really convenient from my work, and it seems that beating the newbies ass is some kind of tradition here. I’m ok with it, but I think it’s best to come in shape, not to walk in thinking you can take it gradually. I guess you can decline to spar as well, no one’s gonna force you to do it. Or, you could just be a better boxer, and maybe that first day won’t be so bad.

Thanks b4rodrig, that’s good info. Admire your gameness.

Wow, I’m a little surprised to see this. Looks like I need to really raise my rates. Our gym Formosa Fitness isn’t a boxing specialty gym but we do have gloves, pads, a heavy bag and a trainer that specializes in boxing. Plus we seem to be quite a bit cheaper than the gyms listed above.

Here’s some of the boxing equipment we have in the gym:

Here’s our heavy bag:

This is our group class. They occasionally do some boxing work but we’re thinking of having a dedicated class for it, too.

Abram is our boxing trainer. He’s level 3 certified in Thump! Boxing and also a national certified coach in boxing. Our price is currently NT1000 a month with a 12 month contract but we have short term available for NT1500 a month, as well. Plus we have lots of free weights, Prowler sleds, kettlebells, bumper plates, rowers, etc.

One thing we don’t have is sparring and I don’t allow it in the gym. We’re about fitness and we stick to that rule. For reasons why we don’t allow any sparring, look at the gentleman’s post above. It’s VERY easy to have things go wrong and people to get hurt with sparring. We don’t want that so if you train at our place, please abide by our rules. All are welcome.

Those trainers are unbelievably unprofessional and taking video is way out of order. I would not call that boxing.

I agree completely with headhoncho. When I used to box in california at dreamland boxing gym we always had controlled sparring and my head coach was this 50 year old ex marine who was USA boxing certified with a wide array of lightweights and heavyweight boxers who have all fought in golden glove amateur tournaments as well as young pros. It was the best boxing experience I’ve ever had because first of all we always had Sarge there or real experienced trainers who were always there to keep the bout focused on real training instead of beating on less experienced fighters. I learned all my fundamentals there with all the right people and all the right training methods.

That is not boxing what you experienced. Those are a bunch of thugs that like to beat on newer people to feel good about themselves.

I’m saddened to hear that this is what Taiwanese boxing is all about.

I’m going to start a boxing gym there myself and I’m willing to hook up with like minded individuals who love the sport and teach real boxing that will improve the quality and professionalism of fighters in Taiwan. Now I understand why Taiwan is not in the olympics or respected on the international level for their boxing.

If anyone shares the same feelings that I do about the future of Taiwanese boxing please contact me because I want to change this. Anyone who is a boxer, weight trainer, nutritionist, Emt specialist, cut-man, referee, manager, promoter, or has any interest in changing the route of Taiwanese boxing please contact me.

Yo b4rodig, I’m sorry that you had to go through that bullshit man. That’s fucked up. If you’re still there when I get back to Taiwan lets meet up and train. Thanks for the good insight on these gyms. super helpful.

I was a college boxer but trained by an ex European champion. In fact I was a member of one of the oldest boxing clubs in the world (not the best…but a lot of history there)!
My old coach would have thrown those guys out on their ear for that type of behavior. We had members of all backgrounds and sexes, we never threw people straight into sparring or fights always respecting the individuals wishes and level of competence. We would have national or international fights and go drinking and party with the opposing teams afterwards and even crash in their apartments… forgetting who beat who in the ring earlier…good times and the spirit of boxing at it’s best.

Ok, so, a bit of follow up, then an invitation of sorts.

First, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m ragging on the Kenjon gym, or Boxingland for that matter (mebbe a little on the latter). I was just stating some stuff that happened and, well, everyone can come to their own conclusions of course. I do want to add that I am still a member of the Kenjon gym, and have just re-upped for another month. Everyone there is very friendly to me. Even the trainer who beat my ass the first day has since given me lots of valuable help on the mitts, and I’ve come to notice he’s just a kind of rough around the edges, easily excitable individual. The other trainer there, whose English name I hope is “John”, as that’s what I’ve been calling him for the past month, is super helpful and available. This is the case with most everyone there. If I were to recommend one place, it’d be this one.

All that aside, I would like to invite some of the boxing enthusiasts who have responded here, and anyone else interested in beer and/or pugilism, out for some beers. Now don’t get the wrong idea, you’d be paying for your own damned brew. But, if any of y’all who have an interest in the sweet science and wanna talk about its place in Taiwan or training or whatever, I say we meet up someplace for a brew. Where and when, I dunno, at a bar on the weekend preferably.

PM me or mebbe post to this thread if you’re interested

Good idea B4, but I for one am not based in Taipei.

I’m looking for an English speaking boxing trainer near me (xinyi district/eastern district.) if anyone knows anyone…