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Interesting conversation Rogan has with Teddy Atlas. Atlas was an assistant to Cus D’Amato at the latter’s Catskill training camp in the early 80’s. He was fired by D’Amato when their latest protege, Mike Tyson, played grab-ass with one of Atlas’s 11-yr old nieces, for which Atlas stuck a gun in Tyson’s ear and told him he’d kill him if he did it again. D’Amato banned him from his camp and his house for life as a result.

Atlas has a very interesting p.o.v. on Tyson’s career in the podcast (which runs more than 3 hours). Hiding between walls as a little boy (to avoid bullies) and Atlas’s theory of the effect it had on Tyson, and why Tyson should be considered an 0-6 fighter, not 50-6-2. Atlas says the Tyson was so physically gifted that his 50 wins don’t count since he was never tested in them, and only “tests” count, and that’s why he is “really” 0-6. I don’t agree, but Atlas has undeniably interesting opinions.

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Thanks, I haven’t listened to this, but this article probably presents the argument better that Teddy did…

That said, I love watching Tyson in his prime and thought he had a lot more skill than many give him credit for.

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Excellent podcast. One of the best JRE


I got a little choked up as he talked about his passion and care for “his kids”. Love hearing these old fight guys talk.

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I watched quite a few K1 fights on TV back in the days, or Youtube now, but never watched anything like the end of the 2nd round here (fight starts @ 7:20).

Mark Hunt, what a warrior.