First it was trying to patent the “one-click” - now these assholes have come up with something even more ridiculous. I won’t be buying (or selling) any books with them. Below is an article that may be of interest.


December 9, 2002 –

E-COMMERCE giant is probably grateful for brisk
holiday business; and if the retailer has its way, gift delivery
will always be a happy occasion.

In a patent application filing that came to light last week, Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos and Chief
Technology Officer Shel Kaphan are trying to corner the market on
“coordinating the delivery of a gift.”

The patent application appears to cover the simple process of
sending someone an e-mail or contacting a consumer via phone to
inform them they haven’t provided sufficient shipping

“The present invention coordinates the delivery of a gift given
by a gift giver . . . when the gift giver did not provide
sufficient delivery information,” the patent application says.
“The invention can therefore coordinate the delivery of a gift
whose order specifies insufficient delivery information, or even
no delivery information, for the recipient.”

Bezos and Kaphan are named as inventors of the “technology,” but is never named in the application.

While the patent application is aimed mainly at shoppers who do
not provide all the relevant delivery information, the patent
could also apply to the “wish list” concept, in which consumers
complete shopping lists in the hope that other people will buy
the products as gifts.

A spokesperson for said the lawyer familiar with the
patent application will be out of the country until next week.
Spokespeople for leading competitors and
Barnes& had no comment.

Barnes& waged a fierce two-year battle against over the Seattle firm’s patented “1-click” technology,
which allowed companies to store information so consumers could
make purchases without filling out various information pages. The
two companies reached an undisclosed settlement earlier this

Reminds me of the Onion headline “Microsoft patents ones, zeros”