Boys Get Girls School to Petitition to End Women's Suffrage

As if America’s educational system wasn’t somewhat misguided, students from the all-boys Selasianum School managed to get the all-girls Padua Academy to sign a petition to END WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE (the women’s right to vote).

“Padua Academy is a U.S. Department of Education National School of Excellence.”

Really? It must have extremely lax standards! … 30341/1006 … -suffrage/

See the video here: … unny_PAGE1

It doesn’t say at whom the students are furious, but I’ll wager it’s not themselves; which is a shame. Just because someone offers you the chance to make a fool of yourself doesn’t mean you have to. Truly, it is better to remain silent and thought a fool.

I can understand Padua’s principle being upset, parents will be wondering what kind of an education their daughters are getting for the money.

It’s interesting how the links to the videos don’t work.

That’s hilarious!

I thought it was hilarious too. People need to lighten up! :laughing: