Bozo Explosions

Greetings Folks,
I found this new phrase on the Word Spy web site. The website is both amusing and informative. I recommend it highly, especually for folks in the word business.

I mention this specific phrase, bozo explosion, because it would be very useful for anyone writing about Taiwan. Although bozo explosions can occur anywhere in the world, Taiwan seems to be unduly prone to them. A number of places which I have had the misfortune of working with here in Taiwan have suffered from bozo explosions. I shall name names; Soo Chow School of Law, Amnesty International Taiwan and both the Taiwan News and Taipei Times all suffered massive bozo explosions from which they never recovered.

So I post it for everyones amusement and information.
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From Word Spy
bozo explosion

noun. The large number of inept employees that a company ends up with when it hires an incompetent executive, who in turn hires incompetent managers, who then hire incompetent workers.

And sorry Brian which one were you exactly…the incompetent executive, manager or employee

You had better not be saying bad things about those employers, brianlkennedy. They might just read this and fire you.


bozo explosion –

Something very similar to: the “Peter Principle” at the limit, when every position in the organization is staffed by someone incompetent to perform that position’s duties, and the number of staff members undergoes a reverse geometric implosion.