BPMF Dictionary

I am wondering, are there any dictionaries out there (printed) where I will be able to look up a word in english, and be given the chinese characters with their b p m f pronunciations beside them? Actually are there any electronic dictionaries that will do this either? So far I can only find pinyin, and I am wondering if I absolutely have to learn pinyin if I want to be able to look up words/pronunciations this way.

I don’t know, as I don’t use BPMF much. Children’s ECD in Taiwan might have this.
However, here are some other threads you might want to peruse for answers, too, in case you don’t get a good answer in this thread:

Yes, there’s one here:

You will need to go into the small “options” link to the right of the search box and make sure the bopomofo radio button is selected.

This looks like what you want:

fareast.com.tw/bookinfo.php? … &pic=11041