Brand new Yamaha stolen - had it less than 1 month

Hey, this is my first post here. I wanted to know if anyone has a site (I couldn’t find any in English, but maybe there’s one in Chinese?) where I can post the details that locals know about and use… so if it’s spotted by someone they can contact the police or myself.

To answer any of the questions that might come up:

-2008 Yamaha Breeze 125cc, black
-Taken yesterday at 5:15 PM according to a security tape (tape shows the bike driving off, but is not angled properly to see him actually getting the lock off)
-Immediately filed police report
-Have theft insurance for 65% of the initial buying price
-U-locked the back wheel with the theft insurance company provided lock
-Parked in the middle of a row that cannot go forwards, i.e. thief had to cut/pick the lock and drive it out
-There’s a big serial number engraved right into the dash
-Plate number 733-DDJ
-Stolen from Zhong Shan Road in Zhong He City, right at a busy intersection with a lot of pedestrians.


Thanks for any tips/advice!

Bummer. Hope you get it back!

Greves -
Sorry to hear about the theft.
Strangely enough, there have been several stories like yours posted here that had happy endings. I hope yours can be added to them.
Good Luck.

Yup. A couple of years back I borrowed someone’s scooter for a day and managed to get it stolen. Just when we’d all given up hope – about six weeks later – it turned up parked outside a Toys’R’Us, undamaged, with nothing stolen from the seat compartment.

I’ll have a look around here (on the mainland).

Coulda been shipped over.

Years ago I had a newish 50cc Kymco stolen. The police caught the idiot that stole it. The thief thought it a good idea to steal three scooters then mix them all up so as to confuse the officers. So when he was stopped in a routine check, the police found a registration number which didn’t match the body panel etchings, and body panel etchings that didn’t match the engine number. So the stupid fool got caught for stealing three bikes when he was riding only one (of course). He got six months in the slammer. The thing I was pissed about though, other than the detective standing us up twice before we finally got to meet with him in Touchung, when he could hardly stand because he was severely inebriated (and this was lunch time) after we had had entertainment in the form of local gangsters meeting with police officials at a tea table in the office we were waiting in to discuss that month’s protection costs with the local plods, [Fucking jokers] , WAS…that the thief was to be prosecuted publicly, so I had no say and no demand for renumeration for the parts which were missing from my scoot. The police said that anyway, but this was a few years ago when I was less understanding of the system. I still think I could have asked for compensation for the missing bits of my scoot.

(I’m drunk. I’m sorry if that doesn’t all read right.)

Oh man, that is so shitty. Maybe that bike would have blown a piston in the next week anyway. Just look at it like that :slight_smile:. Hope it turns up.

I remember years ago, one of my students (this was on a Monday) said he just got a new motorcycle on Sunday and he went to the library and it was stolen when he came out. That motorcycle was paid for with his annual bonus too. I always remember that story.

A lot of stolen old bikes turn up. Because yours is new it may have been nicked to sell. When my scoot was stolen a couple of years ago the fuzz found it within a week. I was very surprised. Hope you get it back.

Does anyone know if I can get theft insurance that covers the entire price of the bike rather than some percentage, for future reference?

Sorry to hear about that dude, that sucks, I have asked that question before and so far have found no way to cover the full replacement cost of the bike, and you may find that it is such a high risk for the insurer that the price for that kind of plan would be the same as purchasing the thing in installments.

I went to the Wellcome the other day and parked my scooter on the side street. When I came back with my groceries, it was still there. And my keys were still in the ignition, just where I left them.

is that u in the avatar dogma?
nice ride,

what is it?

i’m planning on getting a 1000 TLR,same mean mean look!

Thanks for the compliment, you may be surprised to find that that is a 2001/2 SV650s with the 3rd party add-on lower fairing and dark double bubble screen.

Unfortunatly she died a tragic death in an accident that I have no recollection of whatsoever, one minute stopped at the gas station enjoying a soft drink the next I wake up in Hospital and little Suzi is deeeaaad 10 miles from the gas station I don’t remember leaving!

Poor little Suzi, her momma (my '94 GSXR1100) was quite upset about the whole thing and i had to get her jets done, and commute through London on her fiesty fat ass instead.

I love TLR’s, big sister to little Suzi, they both share a habit of headshakin so beware bud.

Yesterday I parked the scooter and went to the store. When I came back, I reached into my pocket and didn’t find my keys and I said, “oh shit, I left them in the scooter again.”
The scooter was still there, but the keys weren’t in it. I was trying to think about where they could be when I realized they were in my hand.

that’s alright for now,

the day you run around looking for your scooter and cannot find it, take a look in the refrigerator!

Once I lost my keys (ok…one of the 465 times I lost my keys) and thought that it was propably still in my scooter. (I’ve left it dangling from the seat lock many times)

it wasn’t …so I freaked a bit and searched and searched…then I went to get my helmet and found the keys wrapped in a paper towel, placed in my helmet(that was hanging from the bike)


and then there was the other time when I locked my BMX with 2 locks and it got stolen…

[quote]I have asked that question before and so far have found no way to cover the full replacement cost of the bike,
and you may find that it is such a high risk for the insurer that[/quote]
I’m going to try to sneak in here (sober) and say, my insurance guy (married to my boss) tells me there is no
motorcycle theft insurance, for what they explain as "obvious"reasons.

Damn, that’s too bad, eh… did your scooter have the numbers etched on every body panel imaginable? If not, that could be one of the reasons it was stolen… if so… well, I stand corrected!

About 2-3 years ago, my uncle’s new Suzuki 125cc got stolen from right in front of his house… and we saw the gang of three guys on the video tape. But three weeks later, it was apparently found under a bridge in Banciao. Only the battery was drained… well, he was lucky. I hope you’re just as lucky. (A lot of times, it’s just joyriders…)

The best idea for next time is just to get a used scooter that isn’t a popular model. Really… that’s how it is and it sucks, but that’s the way it is.

Make sure never to buy used parts that are of suspect origin, also!

Oh… is that story about the gangsters going to the police station true?