Braun toothbrush charger

The charger only. Or a uk shaving plug adaptor. I have been looking everywhere.

I even found a shop in Yonghe that had 2 of them boxed up and on display, but i was told they where not for sale…!

In general braun chargers are not multi-voltage, it’s a real pain as my 220v wouldn’t work when traveling in 110v countries. (They may have finally changed though) So you can only use a plug adapter if the voltage is correct for the markings on the charger.

I gave up on their toothbrushes as they refuse to supply a multi voltage adapter. Now using a xiaomi brush and the charger has USB plug so will charge from any phone charger, car or power bank etc.

I’m never gonna find a uk shaving adaptor here though…

One of these?

Possibly, but I think I need the inverse of that

It does all plug/socket combinations on both sides

So you have a 220v charger and want to use it here?

Chargers like that are easy to use with cheap, small 110v / 220v transformers. Maybe additionally need an even cheaper adapter for the plug type, but that problem is solvable definitely.

Please give an exact description or photo of what you have, and well point you in the right direction :+1:


This is what I have,
I have one of those multi country adaptors, but it doesn’t fit.

I think it’s easier for me to just buy/borrow a new charger, but can’t seem to find them anywhere

If you need a Taiwan adapter then it be worth looking into buying a charger from eBay, ruten etc or you could buy the cheapest model brush that has the same charger. You get a charger and a spare brush that way. Usually the charger is not the part that fails so it might be hard to find as a spare part.