Brawl at my daughter's kindergarten show (rant)

Well, just when I thought I’d seen everything some dickless fuckwits had to go ahead and surprise me.

I went to see my 2 year old dance in the pre-school’s year end show. About half way through I see a fight break out on the other side of the room. I’m not exactly sure if the two were related but a little while later some guy gets shoved down right behind me, the thud as the back of his head hit the floor is still very clear in my mind. He slowly got up and it actually looked like his eyes were bleeding. What the fuck is wrong with these people? This kind of behaviour would be considered immature and barbaric even at night clubs or spectator sports, but to bring it into a room filled with hundreds of kids is right up there with the worst things I’ve seen anyone do.

So the fight was over who’s kid got more lines or stage time? :s

Navillus -
Sorry to hear that stuff.
I hope nobody, like your daughter you or your wife, were injured.
Sad things to have to explain to the kids.

Guess people get worked up over dance recitals here, haha. I once saw some dad lay into a referee after a contrversial call at a pee-wee football game. I thought that was pretty messed up.

You don’t want to hear about the Santa Claus controversy that happened at my school when one of the kids who screwed around and didn’t bother learning their lines as Santa was asked if he wanted to be an elf instead. This kid used the rehearsal time to hide behind the props or to bug the other kids and agreed that he would rather be an elf.

The next day, the mother came to school in tears about how humiliated her family had been made by the teacher’s decision and how upset her little boy was to have the Santa role stolen from him. She then threatened to take him out of the school to save him the embarrassment. My sentiment? Let him go.

This kid had attempted to choke another kid in class over an accident and smacked some other kids whenever they didn’t do what he wanted. His favorite game was manipulating his mother so that she was always pissed off about some perceived wrong the school did to her son (like when he refused to wear his jacket in 10-degree weather it was the teacher’s fault or when he complained about writing the alphabet, his mother called to say that it made his “hand hurt” so he was to be excused from phonics). His classmates would have been happy to see him go.

Needless to say, the school, of course, caved in to his family. Apologizing for the “teacher’s mistake”.

There was the Santa in the play and this kid got to ring the bell and say “Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!” at the end of the play. Somehow he managed to wear the Santa hat while Santa wore an elf hat. And big surprise, instead of saying his line right, he acted obnoxiously for attention and made a big show of stealing the microphone from the other kids and pretending to scold them on stage.

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I’ve never seen a parental brawl or fistfight (unless you count what happens in the Legislative Yuan – those fights aren’t about kids, but they often act like kids, no doubt many of them have kids, and I wonder if kids as legislators wouldn’t be more mature). I’ve seen kids get into fights, livid parents, then everyone smiling and embarrassed and mutually apologetic when they meet face to face. I remember a kid with a penchant for grabbing other kids by the neck and shaking them – his dad didn’t seem much different (a lot of gangsters, after all, have kids). The performance brawl, however, is pretty shocking. Any idea what on earth set them off? Not that it really matters in the end, since what they did is inexcusable.

The thing is, Taiwan is generally pretty safe for children. Although there’s a lot of indirect exposure to violence in Taiwan media (esp. movies, TV shows, and don’t forget about ads and the news), there’s relatively little direct exposure (here I mean, as in the above, in school and community – there are definitely other types of exposure). Consider some comparisons. In America, 75% of children in Washington DC reported witnessing violence in their neighborhood (half of parents were unaware, many more were in denial), 50% of 1st-3rd grade students witness acts of violence in school each year, and 10% of expulsions involving firearms are of elementary school aged kids, and as you go up the ladder it gets worse and worse (740,000 violent crimes occur per year in which 12-18 year old students are the victims - of these 150,000 involve rape, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault).

There will always be media violence and real-life assholes. As a parent, I’m far more concerned about the effects than the causes. There have been literally thousands of studies on the relationship between exposure to violence and aggressive tendencies in children. Findings are mixed, so there’s no definitive causal link. What has been shown, however, is that for preschool age children there’s little difference between indirect and direct violence (they can’t yet distinguish fantasy from reality), that some children show a marked increase in short-term aggressive tendencies after observing violence, that many children become increasingly fearful that they or their loved ones will become victims of violence, and that adult violence teaches children that violence is a common and acceptable means of resolving conflicts.

We’re never going to get completely away from it. The best we can do is minimize exposure, and, if the children are old enough, encourage them to talk about what they saw and share their feelings about it. Then we can be reassuring and comforting and teach acceptable strategies for expressing anger (and down the line teach street smarts – how to keep out of danger and avoid violence).

Sorry for the extended ramble. I really just hope both you and your little girl are okay, navillus. Don’t let the fucktards grind you down.

Urrrgh! Shudder. Where’s the school? Yunlin?


I would have stopped the show and asked them if THEY wanted to enroll in my class so I can teach them how to behave. Shocking!

Why am I not surprised? Hopefully, none of the kids got hurt.
Did you ever found out what happened? That would be interesting, wouldn’t shock me to hear it something like ImaniOU described.