Brazil’s solution to gun violence

Let’s see if it works.

Should allow that in Mexico too
Too many lawless with guns

Under the statute, which stands to this day:

  • only strictly defined groups of people, including police and security officials are able to obtain a gun licence
  • anyone using a gun without a licence could face four years in jail
  • proof of residence, employment, technical and psychological capacity are needed to get a licence.

Yep, a recipe for lawlessness. Creating financial and class barriers to ownership of firearms will never work in the long run (something I wish US Democrats could get through their pointy heads).

One important key to a successful democracy is having every citizen directly invested in its success, not in hardening barriers to unity.

No wonder homicide-by-gun rates are climbing in Brazil. Will be very interesting to track results once Bolsonaro’s changes go into effect.

The police force in Brazil is extremely low in numbers and is starving (ridiculous salaries). The average citizen dies hopelesss with all the gun homicide at a larger rate than Syria deaths. People are desperate. There is really no option now and any education or increasing of police staff on the streets is just an utopia. I don’t know what is worse, the current situation, the situation it will be with the new gun laws, or just going full mode on criminals like they did before the World Cup and Olympic Games.

True, this can be seen in Taiwan as well.

All this pointless arguing between blue and green would all go away if just the gun laws were liberalised and everyone had a equal stake in Taiwan’s success!


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Having every citizen vested in Taiwan’s success is one important key to success as a democracy. I don’t think (and I didn’t say) it’s the sole key, though.

By the way, why not stop with the passive aggression and just say what you mean?

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there.

You are right, it’s not the sole reason, but as you said it’s one factor and abolishing restrictions on gun ownership would make Taiwan a more inclusive society and would without doubt be in societies best interest