Bread Slicing Guide where to buy in Taiwan

Hi. I need to buy a bread-slicing guide like the one in the attached link. Actually that one’s too expensive. A simple one would do. There are many cheap ones online but the postage from the states is ridiculous. 50 dollars postage for a nine dollar item. BRING BACK BOAT MAIL I MISS IT! :bow:

If I can’t get that, I need some serious help in my bread cutting technique.
I cut the first few slices just fine, but then the slices seem to be cut on a diagonal angle with the to part being thicker but the bottom becoming thin or I don’t even get a complete slice.

Is there some kind of zen technique? Am I pushing when I should be sawing? :bow:

Yeah, you just need to improve your technique. Practice should do it, and a very sharp, good quality bread knife. Cheap, dull ones are much harder to use, especially on softer bread, which they tend to crush instead of cut.

Saw, don’t push. Watch the thickness on the front and back sides if you need to. The first slice or two probably come out fine because the loaf is stiffer at the end.

If you want the guide, ask for something like a 吐司 tu3si2 切片架 qie1pian4jia4; tu3si1 is sliced bread (as for toast, which this term transliterates), and qie1 pian4 jia4 is ‘slice piece’ + ‘framework or rack or stand’. They’ll probably be hard to find here, but a search for the above Chinese turns up the following items online:

If you have trouble buying those online ask a local for help doing so. Or just push the loaf up against a large box or knife block (knife stand) and use that as a guide.

The point of having hand carved bread slices is … that they should be different and look like hand carved … :whistle:

I got one for 50nts at the arts and crafts imports store -yes, really- behind Sogo. Tungua South Road, section 1, alley 190, number 41. Look in the bins.

By which I hope you don’t mean the OP should be going through loads of industrial garbage behind Sogo :wink:


Look in the display bins at the entrance of the store.

Caramba, nadie habla aqui en cristiano. Que hago yo?

Sorry I can’t help you with a bread slicing guide, but if you want a handbook on making toast let me know. :wink:

I find that if I turn the bread 90 degrees after the first initial sawing moves I get a visual clue as how to finalize the slice. Perfect slices, 9 out of 10 times.

Thanks for the replies and good advice! I’d like to get that 50NT job. I may need a little help since I live in the country. If a shop that sells one is convienant to you and you can pick one up, please PM me. We can talk about payment and shipping. I live in TungKan and come into Kaohiung only about once a month or so.

Mother Therresa, I’ll take any and all advice about making “toast” I can get. I made some decent bread from my Better Homes and Garden CookBook and Just your basic white, dairy free white, and italian cooked in the bread machine. I have yet to shape my own bread.

Went to check for you, lots of pans but no bread slicer. I’ll get in touch when they bring more. Now, finding it in Kaohsiung, oh oh.

Thanks for checking. I really don’t think I’ll find it down south. If they have it, ask them to hold it, or if they will let you return it, please pick one up if the price is reasonable. I can get you the money. I have a US PayPal account that still (I hope let’s me do personal transferes. Or if you prefer, can send the money via the post office. As for shipping, it should not be that expensive. If I get one… I’ll post it here… asap. Thanks for your help.

No sweat man, I go by the store usually once a week, no problem having a look. When I find it, we’ll get the delivery details.

It’s been a long time… I’m a country Bumpkin and can’t get into the city. Is it convenient for anyone to purchase one and send it to me? I would be happy to send you the cash via a money order, wire it to an account or send it via PayPal.
Don’t buy it first. Just ask the store to hold it for a day or two, PM the price and the estimate for postage. If the price is reasonable to me, I’ll be happy to send the cost plus the value of a six pack of Taiwan premium Beer (normal size cans).

Or… if you can ask the store if they will deal with me directly by mail please forward the store information to me. , I’ll still included the beer as a finders fee. Thanks. Help keep a fool from wasting his bread.

Well, haven’t seen it in a while -and honestly, I’ve been there a lot lately for decorations and gifts and stuff. How about if I send you mine? I got a new set of knives, and boy, with those, there is no need for any effort when slicing bread, straight as an arrow they cut… anything. No beer required, thing is light as a feather. PM your address.