Breakfast Ideas

You know, I got to thinking of the problems of breakfast when I first got here. I got off the train in HuKou, looked around and realized that I was in a very very very foreign country, (Bring back memories) I walked acrosss the street and found a sandwhich stand… Hell, how bad can anybody screw up a a sandwhich? Hell, so I buy one because I am really really hungry. - NOT BAD.
Damn. Many years later, I get what I want.
Try a bowl of yesterdays’s rice. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamom. Damn good.
Try a pancake “Taiwan Style”. Every grocery store has pancakes, properly frozen and totally what you want.
Try them. Extracate them from the package and and doctor accordingly.
Sprinkle with veggyis, or what ever…
Then, a few weeeks latter, go have some new pant and shirts custom made for your frame… Trust me on this one. Do the Chinese food stuff and lose alot of weight.

If you ate at McDonalds, everybody will hate you.
Try this easy breakfast:
Pour about a cup of milk into a bowl. Sprinkle in a shake of salt and peppper. Dredge a piece of 7 -11 bread through the mix. Fry until the bread is brown, Pull it out. Now, what will you dress it with? I like the mullberry syrup that I can buy at local markets. If that works for you, of course, if you find a DYS baking store (PM me if you dont know about these stores) you will have better luck. They have some maple syrup that is WAY to expensive. Good buy, but I have a cheaper alternative.
Try to find some maple extract. Boil 1 cup of sugar with about 1/4 cup of water… As it boils, add a few drops of maple syrup flavor. As it boils, just stir. When it has boiled for 1 or 2 minutes, remove it from the cooker… Now, pour it on the pancakes. Damn good. Bye the way, every Westerner knows about this so this is directed to those who don’t know about Western food but want to try. Good on ya!

how about breakfast-in-a-bucket
(also for takeout)

one good breakfast idea is to wake up before you eat. otherwise it gets a bit hard to see what you’re eating.

how many troopers does that breakfast in a bucket feed? Or is it all for one lard-arse? Looks like about 2 dozen eggs there.

Enigma wrote:

Sorry, Enigma, but based in my case, it doesn’t work: Chinese breakfast food makes me gain weight. :frowning:

Now, breakfast back home is the real thing. If Urodacus is startled about that bucket he should see the stuff we have in one sitting:

Rice and black beans mixed together, some carne en salsa (slow cooked meat in its gravy), corn tortillas and sour cream and/or fresh cheese, fried ripe plantain, coffee and milk. EDIT: for a video of how to prepare this, go to

There is one kind of corn tortilla we mix with dried cheese. You guys can experiment with this one, using parmesan -I’ve done it-, mixing it with the corn meal, making a medium sized tortilla, and then browning it in a wok -using local materials, I’m adapting here. Superb.