Breaking a contract - implications


I had an English-teaching job at a cram school in Kaohsiung, which I quit almost immediately, breaking my contract. This I am not proud of - though I must say the numerous other recent runners probably do accurately reflect how awful this school was.

I’m out of Taiwan at the moment, and am hoping to return sometime in the next couple of months in order to try to find a better job there. I may have been reported to Immigration for having broken my previous contract, but would this likely make it problematic for me to return to Taiwan, and secondly how hard would it be to obtain an ARC in future?

The information I have received is inconsistent - most say that returning to Taiwan would be alright, but that obtaining work in the region where I was previously would be very hard. But would it be possible/easy to return and work legally someplace else in the country?




The answers you have received already are correct. All of them. :wink:

No one can predict a) whether and b) how a particular Taiwanese law might be applied on a particular day. Yes, things are moving more towards a rule of law state where things are done based on the rules on a more or less consistent basis, but there is still a long ways to go before you can point to a law and be reasonably certain that matters have been handled by all parties according to it. And I’m not even being critical, really – it’s just how things are and have been since a long time before I or most of the rest of us ever showed up on the island.

I would say have a backup plan – have some extra cash so that you can get to Hong Kong or Korea or… and set up shop teaching somewhere else if necessary. If you’re prepared, Murphy’s Law (which operates more reliably IMO) will usually dictate that you don’t need the preparations.