Breaking a Contract-The Saga Continues

Ok, so I live in Gaohsiung, and work at a certain school that requires a 2 month trial period. I still need to sign a contract for one year but I get evaluated after those 2 months. Right before my evaluation, I tell my school that I have to leave Gaohsiung because of health concerns ( this is true, I’ve been dying since I got here). My manager said o.k. I’ll have to talk to my boss etc. Everything seemed to be going fine, and I even found a new teacher for them free of charge to replace me. My manager failed my evaluation and got me out of paying a 15,000$ fine, which was excellent.

:shock: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Now I have found a new job in a diff city and I am suppose to start there Sept2. I asked my manager if they could just allow a transfer of my work Visa ( tong yi shu) instead of my having to go to HK or where ever. My managers boss said NO way, wanted me to pay a fine, cancel my ARC,go to HK, and black list me! My manager talked him down to just cancelling my ARC and thus having to go to HK. So I was suppose to go to HK on monday and get my Visa, but…

(Ok so I told you about the teacher I got for them. Well he is arriving on Sat, fresh and green, with no teaching experience. )

So I was told yesterday that my ARC won’t be cancelled until that teacher shows up, signs a contract and is trained. Is this a bit of extortion, or is this yet another example of the complete lack of rights foreigners have? Is this what I get for being concerned for my well being? Or is this what I get for breaking a contract?

~Thoughts, Questions, Heckles and comments welcome.