"Brembro" ( imitation?)Taiwan made brake pads

I have seen some Taiwan made “Brembro” (maybe imitation) brake pads for bikes.

What is the story with those? They are 30% cheaper than the originals and I have read that some of the people that post on this site use them.

I have to change all my brakes (3 sets) on the CB400 and it come 1500$ cheaper than a regular brand for the 3 sets ( not Brembro).

I would like to have a feedback from those who use them.

Brembro, Bimbo whats the diff?

I heard they are made by the same people who make RPM. They are supposed to be the same design, but made in Taiwan. Less quality than the originals for sure, but should be a big drop in price. Still should probably meet your needs. The brembo pads have alot of price increase due to the import factor. Anything will be great compared to worn out pads. Mine were half the price of brembos and I don’t have any complaints about them. Unless your entire brake system is top of the line, I don’t think you’ll get a whole lot more from the originals.
btw, wheres your 3rd brake? :ponder:

btw, wheres your 3rd brake? :ponder:[/quote]

2 in front and 1 at the back= 3 sets of pads :wink:

When I upgraded my front brakes, I asked WuTian to put a set of Brembo callipers on the front, but they said, don’t need it, use these other ones, just the same as Brembo but half the price. I wore the first set of pads out quickly but replaced them with a set of Brembo pads. Brakes seem to been working a lot better and smoother. Even better since I put the bigger master cylinder on.

Brembo’s are the best quality brakes in the world, they really are. Nothing can touch them. Do you guys really think a Taiwan brand can be the “same” as Brembo. Hahhaha you are all crazy if you think that. Other shops might tell you that you don’t need a Brembo, well maybe they are right for performance as in what you are doing with the bike. You don’t necessarily need to buy a Brembo setup if you are not racing or if you are a beginner out at the track. Also I could see a shop like Wutian going with a different brand because they are a dealer for that brand. Maybe they are not a dealer of Brembo so they make way more profit off of a Taiwanese brand like RPM. Go with what you want, but the braking and quality you get from Brembo will be way better than any other brand. Brembo all the way. Other companies may offer a cheaper route, but they won’t be as good and you have my word. Brembo all the way!!

I bought the Brembos. Got a good deal on them. 1000$ for the set, service included.

Thanks for your help.

[quote=“iix23”]I bought the Brembos. Got a good deal on them. 1000$ for the set, service included.

Thanks for your help.[/quote]

You won’t be disappointed.

Well that all depends on the users requirements.

The most common mistake people can make is fitting high performance brake linings when they don’t require them, as they won’t work efficiently at low temperatures, thus increasing braking distances, sometimes not even working at all on first operation. Be careful what you fit to your vehicle. The manufacturers have often tested and tuned their brakes already to suit the most common rider’s style or requirements.

Also competition brakes can often destroy themselves at lower temperatures as they are too hard and tend to scour the disks. The caliper itself may be upgraded, but the disk and pads are perhaps the most important choice, and the greatest upgrade before requiring competition parts.

Brake pads: What to look for
This report although mainly relevant to cars, is still somewhat relevant to motorcycles.