I tried his italian franchise in the UK, I thought it was decent but nothing really special.
You are in Italy though, I had some of the best meals of my life in Italy.:sunglasses:

For a minute there, I was wondering how mainstream media were ever going to derail Nigel’s speeding locomotive. JIT

Brexiteers have a history of dodgy funding.

And who’s been funding the Remainers?

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Legal sources of funds, declared.

In well ahead of most of you on this topic .


he gets a cookie.
now Trump is doing what Clinton, Bush, and Obama just barked about.

Are you sure?

Yes I’m sure.

If brexit already happened why is there YET ANOTHER NEW BREXIT PLAN.

What’s the difference between pride and prejudice and sense and sensibility?

Love and Friendship differences :wink:

Love, actually?

Every country is unhappy in its own way.

Balance between virtue and vice!

Looks like British Steel is going into administration.

Other big headlines include “May deal rejected”. How that still manages to be news is beyond me.

Because she’s an idiot?

May deal rejected .
Douze points for effort though. :grin:. (Only true Europeans will get this).

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LONDON (Reuters) - British Steel, the country’s second largest steel producer, has collapsed after failing to secure emergency government funding, jeopardising some 25,000 jobs, Britain’s Official Receiver said on Wednesday

Nothing to see here guys… :see_no_evil:


Perhaps try not to make it fit an agenda . There are many reasons for the failure if you bother to investigate . The Eu actually being one of them . Blinkers much ? Perhaps all those jobs could have been saved if we had a world market without the protectionist policies emanating from Brussels

Whatever the cause, and it’s probably tangentially related to Brexit, can the British economy afford a crash out Brexit?

Answer is obvious.