If it wasn’t for that sorry looking sociopath there would have been no Brexit. Cheers Tone.

Tony Blair made the trains run on time.

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No custard creams to be had. Seems pretty disastrous for British exports so far.

BBC News - Brexit effect: No custard creams for Brits in Europe

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I do love custard creams; especially with a cup of tea.

From what I’m hearing things really aren’t looking good. Fingers crossed it’s teething troubles.

Wow so glad they are out of that communist experiment called the EU

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Communist death traps versus Great and Glorious Free Britain-
Cumulative deaths to Feb 7 2021 and per million:
France 78,965: 1243 per million
Germany 61,675: 778 per million
Italy 91,273: 1542 per million
UK 112,798: 1736 per million
Please note: each country was free to run its own health system during the crisis, so do not try to say “Oh, that was all the EU’s fault before January 1”. Britain’s response to Covid was entirely the result of decisions made by the UK government.

So you are proud of this selfish behavior?
I hope the EU will react quickly and stops exporting vaccine into the UK.
This kind of selfishness is exactly the reason why your nationalism BS sooner or later will end in hot conflicts.

Germany has no nukes , and an army with almost zero attack ability. They cannot do anything hot apart from make nice cars and yeah their tanks are pretty good. The only two countries in Europe that could have a hope in a hot conflict would be France and Russia. The Russian Navy is very out dated though. And France have not been winning much since 1066 :wink:

I wouldn’t take them on.

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They are not like they once were. (no further comment on that rabbit hole).

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It’s hard to say what the final result of Covid-19 will be. The UK has done an excellent job of vaccination (though just heard the Health Minister saying he could be up there apologising for wasting all that money if not for some lucky breaks), partly due to breakthroughs by the pharma companies, partly due to the “heroes of the National Health Service”, as the Tory minister put it.
For example, the US so far has had two and a half times of deaths per million as Canada (Canada 568 per million; US 1471 per million) but has a much better vaccination program.
The final results will probably have to wait until next winter.

To take Britain? Russia would go through them like a hot knife through butter; Germany has no nukes by choice, but could build them tomorrow, and would crush Britain in a conventional war; they might be able to hold their own against France in spite of France having a slightly higher defence budget

In case nobody noticed there are other weapons that countries could deploy that are weapons of mass destruction . So I would give the nuke talk a rest. One factory in Germany could easily take out the whole of the UK with WWII technology.

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The UK armed forces has been demobilizing since the 80s. All managed. Still continuing.

Please do not make me laugh. How would Russia land ? Their navy is a joke, submarines that really sink :joy:. Germany could not crush Belgium right now, let alone a high tech state of the art nuclear weapons system. I seem to remember Germany trying to crush Britain twice. Did not turn out well for them both times. British cheap wooden spitfires owning expensive german aircraft. Dummy Goring and Adolf Twatler were no match for Churchill. Dresden was unfortunate though. Tragic.

Like in WW2 right ?:rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Enjoy. Some of you people really are out of touch.

There will be no wars between European nations what with the (EU) Defense Force.

Anyway, here is a good interview:

Won’t be any big “traditional wars” in the future anymore.
Just info wars, Internet wars, electromagnetic wars, virus wars, etc. Much bigger bang for the buck.

I do not agree. There are flash points , Russia and Ukraine is one big one. If Ukraine tries to join Nato then Russia might just take the Ukraine. No one can basically stop them on land up to about France when they would become over extended and meet a strong military force. They will lose any naval conflict with the UK and face the threat of nuclear mutual destruction.
They may get stopped before reaching France or choose not to push that far south due to American and French resistance and the threat of battlefield nukes (yes strategic limited nuclear warfare exits).