Except for the 800,000 people who work in that industry. Sure.

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Brexit was misrepresented as anti-immigrant rather than anti open borders.

Brexit has increased immigration enormously, something like by a factor of 8, which is pretty funny really when thinking of those racists who voted for Brexit to kick foreigners out. The home office currently be giving them visas out like candy.

I say we are still better off out of Europe, in the long run. The war in Ukraine and the resulting greedflation by supermarket chains doesn’t help things at the moment. The absolute fantasy, for many, that is ‘long Covid,’ also provides shelter for the five million dossers who refuse to work even though they are part of the working economy.

We are making and selling more cars, which is as good sign for us. UK new car production grew for third month running in April as exports drive rising volumes – Car Dealer Magazine

And those weasels in Europe have had to admit that their doom spreading about the growth of the UK economy was all wrong.

And we’ve currently got more nurses in the NHS than ever before. (Although the selling off of the NHS is still going on)

Some train services are being nationalised again.

I earn a very decent wage as a handyman and a social care worker. Both mostly unskilled jobs. Wasn’t all that hard in the end to get work. Jobs are there if you hunt for them. Food can be bought cheaply if you put in some effort.

Signs of growth and improvement are there. But that doesn’t appease the chattering monkey mind of the media who want to piss on everything.

Hehe do you include me in that. :).
Northern Ireland is still messed up, hand it over to us and we will sort it out.
On second thoughts don’t because we need a cheap bolthole still and who needs the DUP.

The whole Lord Frost thing is ridiculous from the outside. Such a class ridden society.
.Lordly lordy…hahaha.

Not at all. I was careful to add the word media at the end to distance you from my blatherings. :hugs:

England doesn’t want to devolve those powers. We absolutely should hand back control to you though, in my opinion.

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Eirexit is unfinished business that should have happened long ago.

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Interesting combo.
The Caring Handyman.

Or the handy carer