Its the Telegraph, not Buzzfeed.I can link you to ten more articles saying the same thing.


Right, a lot could happen come the actual Brexit, especially in the short term.

The point is that experts we predicting immediate economic implosion post referendum. What has happened is that people are continuing to invest in the UK.

What i was saying was that i cannot understand how someone can describe the situation now as the worst case scenario, when things are. looking a lot better than we were told


Yes certainly it’s not the worst case scenario. It was a bit hairy for a bit but calmed down. Let’s see what happens AFTER brexit.


I liked the idea of free movement of labour with Oz, being discussed. Primarily because i would like to live in Australia


MThis makes so much sense…if I was you. But it also reeks of isolationism. There will never be free movement with Australia because they have their own well established points system and U.K. Is already one of leading source of emigrants. They don’t need more poor immigrants stealing their jobs and driving up the cost of sun protection!


Australia is the one suggesting it as part of a trade deal. Free movement across the Anglosphere makes sense in general.


Have you got a link to that? Seems very unlikely from what I know of their immigration policy.


Been mentioned a few times. Tony Abbot , former leader, was the one suggesting free movement


Yeah there are some people pushing it , won’t be open season but they’ll probably throw in a few more visas like they do for the Americans (actually it’s the other way round it seems). Britains (under May) income based immigration system sucks balls. One of the reasons I think May is much more mercantile that people realize.


UK needs immigration, especially skilled immigration. The present system is not good, but that is because of free movement of labour from the EU. Its impossible to match the needs of the labour market.

UK and Australia becoming more integrated again is mutually beneficial for both


Amber Rudd disagrees for now.

Australia already takes a shit load of British immigrants so other immigrant groups will get pissed off if they try to favor British.

In other more important news some of the lords are really pissed off that May is trying to decide what Brexit means for 60 million people by herself. I would be too.


UK also has loads of Australians. When the pound was stronger, half of every office I worked in London was Australian, also loads of the teachers in inner city schools were from Oz.

I dont see why immigrant groups should be annoyed, you are talking about free movement between countries with a shared history, language, culture, similar income and education levels.


Well Australia is a lot more diverse now, it’s not the same place it was 50 years ago.


So what?


It means they might not be so inclined to go ra-ra for the commonwealth at expense of other areas. More of a mix in the government…you do know they have a republican movement there right?


Its about the economy.


I thought it was about controlling immigration :slight_smile:


Who said that? There are loads of reasons for Brexit. Free movement of labour between countries with similar languages, economies, GDPs, education levels etc… works fine.


May has said it’s a vote to control immigration and that’s the priority over everything. She’s made the decision already for sixty million people.

May is showing dictatorial tendencies. A few kings have been deposed for less.


Sigh* Controlling immigration means matching the needs of the country and the economy. You know, like most countries do.