Since when were foreign students immigrants?

Need to flush out those dirty foreign workers and the students. This after they already chucked out loads of students who were legit!
Draw up the lists. 2% majority results in massive lurch to the right. Fox says the European residents are his main bargaining chip. It’s like the express is running the country there. At this rate anybody who has options isn’t going to be bothered with the U.K. And the growing anti foreigner sentiment.

She said that from December landlords knowingly renting to illegal immigrants could go to prison, people wanting to get a licence to drive a taxi will have a mandatory immigration check and banks will have to make regular checks to ensure customers are here legally.

Addressing crime, she said: “We will make it easier to deport EU criminals, aligning their fortunes more closely with those from outside the EU.

“And going one step further, for the first time, we will deport EU nationals that repeatedly commit so called minor crimes in this country.

“So-called minor crime, is still crime, It’s pain is still felt deeply by victims.”


Scum politicians.

From this…

To this…

Under her proposals, firms could be forced to disclose what % of their workforce is non-British as a way to encourage them to hire more locals.
Ms Rudd said she wanted to “flush out” companies abusing existing rules and “nudge them into better behaviour”.
Business has attacked the idea while one Tory MP called it “divisive”.

The language implies foreign workers are like rats and hiring them is improper behavior.

While many companies were doing a great job employing local staff, she said there were firms “which are not so constructive and these are the ones we want to flush out” - citing one business she knew of where 80% of whose staff were from outside the UK.

Yeah your local Indian luv. Maybe the EU should start ‘flushing out’ Brits ?


I think we would all agree with the highlighted stuff here. Illegal immigration is a big issue. As are foreign criminals. I have no issue with that.

The foreign student stuff has to be considered in the context of foreign students taking fake courses in order that they and their family members can work.

The rhetoric about hiring too many foreign workers is too much.


Presumably, if this is common knowledge, they’re acting within the law. I can’t imagine there are many big businesses openly hiring flocks of illegal immigrants cos they’d have to be dodging taxes to do so. The Bottom Inspectors would be all over it with their clipboards before you could say “HMRC”.

In which case, the Right Hon. “member” really is declaring all non-British (or possibly non-white) residents as undesirable.

It’s like bloody Alf Garnett all over again. Absolutely despicable. I’m just glad I left.


So now all foreign students are suspect (even though they pay a bloody fortune for their course) and all foreign workers are suspect in terms of ‘der taking r jebs’. Banks have to monitor ‘de furirners’ and companies will be making lists.
I’ll be making a list…and checking it twice…

Sad to see things go like that…UK was once a mildly attractive place to work and live for a few years. It used to be positive and embrace the world.


The bogus university and fake student thing is an issue. There are genuine immigration issues and emotive ones. Having a shadow workforce of illegal immigrants and fake students does not benefit anyone apart from the wealthy.

I would like to see an immigration system that matches the needs of the country.


How do you know you don’t have one already?
You’ll be getting a new system it won’t necessarily make your country better.
Now you lose your rights to freely live and work in other countries. That won’t necessarily benefit everyone either. Europeans aren’t illegal immigrants so what use was Brexit to cut illegal immigration? What is ‘flushing out’ LEGAL workers and legal student workers (vast majority are LEGALLY working shitty jobs) that some Brit doesn’t want to do.
The rhetoric doesn’t differentiate and is lumping people together. British jobs for British people. Yes we can all use that rhetoric and fuck all the British working in our countries and blagging our (much more generous dole and social security benefits) out. Doesn’t sound so nice then.


Are you British?

The free movement of labor wasnt working. It was working in London and Oxford and other places where people are wealthy. It wasnt working for a lot of the country.
It also doesnt match the needs of global/ high tech economy. Because of the level of EU immigration, bringing in foreign workers from outside of the EU is a pain. We need engineers, doctors etc and often these people come from China, India, Russia etc. I have a friend working for Christies in London and she said that they had a job open for a Mandarin speaking Chinese antiquities expert for a year. Its impossible to find the staff with the right skill set and who can get a visa. This is no good in a global economy.


I’m European. Your one person statistic doesn’t mean anything. There are more immigrants from non EUROPEAN countries than European countries to UK.

They couldn’t find the right skill set? Then they are doing it wrong. Or paying too little. Pay more!


Companies shouldnt be looking for cheap foreign labour instead of training local workers. I’m a lefty, I dont know your politics, I dont like

This has been the issue with Brexit. Metropolitans have turned immigration into a moral issue (you are pro unfettered immigration, or you are a racist) rather than a practical issue. What is working in one place, might not be working in another. It wasnt working in Britain.


It wasn’t working in Britain. That’s quite a general statement. And if 1% majority voted to stay in EU it would be ‘it was working in Britain’.

No problem with people voting for change but God help you when the right wing Tories make the changes for ya and tell you what was and wasn’t working and even tell you what you were thinking when you voted :slight_smile:

Then they tell you you are undemocratic because you want to review and a say in the changes!!’


My friend works for Christies. They cant get the talent they need. Its not available from the EU. They want to recruit a Chinese person, but its not possible at the moment. Thats why Brexit happened. Britain will become more global and more welcoming.


Effective immigration policy is not right wing. Unfettered immigration is a neo-liberal policy that helps the rich to get rich and keeping the poor poor.

Racism is always bad, but try not to conflate the two.


If christies pay more they will get the person they want. Guaranteed. They don’t want pay for somebody sufficiently qualified or already working in UK or EU. Those people are paid very well in China also.


If the Tories held a second referendum, there would be bloodshed. From a practical perspective, it would be a full on class war. That is what Brexit was about mainly.


I’m not conflating it, the Tory cabinet is and then they say ‘don’t call me a racist’.

I would never call them racist, the correct term is ‘xenophobic’.


I feel you know very little about the economics of the auction business or the UK’s immigration law.


Not racist, dont be silly. Look at the rise of actual far right parties in places like Germany and Austria, rather than a centre right party in the UK.


I feel you know less.
One often hears ‘it’s so hard to get the right person’.
Well yes it is when you don’t pay market pricing.
Chinese antiquities are among the hottest area of the art world. Any knowledgeable experienced multilingual people will be in very high demand.


The problem is the Tories are pandering toward the xenophobic elements and they have the rungs of power and significant support.
They don’t need to call and election but are determine UK’s
path for the next few decades. They are also hell bent on making life more difficult for foreigners resident in the U.K.
That makes them infinitely more powerful and impactful than extremist fringe groups.