They couldnt get the person because of the visa rules. Visas for non EU citizens are hard to obtain because of the level of EU immigration. Same across the board, there is a shortage of engineers. PHDs from India are choosing not to go to the UK because its hard to find paid work on graduation.

Post-Brexit, UK will become more global, more competitive and more welcoming.


They are not pandering, they are listening to peoples concerns. If you are not British, why do you care. Brexit/The Tories are not racist. I hate the Tories, I also hate the EU. I hope that all the countries in Europe can escape from the EU.


Rubbish, the stated policy is to severely reduce immigration to less than 100,000 per year. You can only do that by cutting back on immigration from everywhere! That also includes family members of British citizens who are not British.

It means British will have harder time living and working in Europe. It also means some multinationals and probably a large section of financial industry will decamp to Europe.

How does that add up to more open and glibalised, you aren’t even going to be in the single market anymore!being part of the single market was a freedom to enjoy more globalized world. It is the best example of ‘globalization’ that exists.


By targeting the professionals who meet the needs of the market.

Dude,why do you care? We have no idea what the Brexit deal will look like or if Britain will be part of the single market.


Tories just made it clear…you are being taken out of the single market.
And you don’t get to vote on it.


Didnt make it clear, they said maybe. We are at negotiating stages, where you dont want to show your hand. They said we probably wont be members, but will have access to it.

I dont want another referendum on this. I want the politicians to take control of it. The country is exhausted by the referendum and the chaos it brought. Most people dont want another vote on it, bar a few idiots. The political class is moneyed and metropolitan and dont want to leave the EU. We are in a democracy and its important for the parties to listen to the will of the people


Looks like it the will of the Tories right now, May specifically. May has made it crystal clear, FULL immigration control no compromises even if it means being out of single market. That is quite an extreme position, it is more extreme than almost EVERY country in Europe including Switzerland at this stage. But you don’t believe this needs a vote or review?
How many people voted to leave the single market?
Nobody knows buts it’s unlikely to be a majority in my estimate as it’s right at the extreme position of Brexit.

So you can’t have another vote on aspects of Brexit or parliamentary review because that would be too much democracy.
May said the problem was ‘subverting democracy’.
Folks should make up their mind.
Then again Britain has a monarchy still so it’s not altogether surprising.

By the way I think May saying parliamentarians are trying to ‘subvert democracy’ is among the most authoritarian thing I’ve heard a politician utter while seemingly being ‘led by the people’.

Oh yeah to top it all Britain has almost record low unemployment so ‘de furriners r stealing r jebs’ routine is a load of malarkey. Most of this is just picking a handy fall guy for problems caused by austerity and resistance to changing population mix. Not economic factors.

Looks like Britains needs those nasty hard working well integrating Poles and Romanians after all!


So GBP : TWD is now 39.15.

Brexit is not hurting.

At this rate I’ll be snatching up a prime bit of Buckingham Palace for the price of a Taiwan pijiu and squid on a stick by Christmas.

Holy camoley!


Last time I checked it was like 38 something.

But that’s still not enough. I’d consider London a reasonably priced city if GBP were like 25. It was like twice as expensive as Paris last summer when I was there. Easily my least favourite city in Europe out of the ones I’ve been to.

  1. There is little appetite for another referendum. I dont want one and neither do most people who voted both ways. I would like the government to employ individuals with the right background and skills to review the situation and make a decision. Another referendum will lead to bloodshed. We dont live in a political system where we need a referendum on everything. I vote for people smarter than me, to make decisions for me. I agree with May that politicians shouldn’t try to subvert democracy.
  2. People didnt vote to get rid og thr foreigners. They wanted a more controlled immigration system that met the specific needs of the market and match resources such as housing stock and hospital places.

Brits in general are not racist. Its not about that. Uk is a complicated country.

  1. Exchange rates go up and down all the time. Basically vodoo


Yes, im from London. Cant stand the place anymore. Nor can a lot of people, hence the Brexit vote


Well london voted to stay in. Not sure what hating London or loving London has got to do with Brexit.

Currency rates like voodoo…that’s quite an interesting one…it’s all about the pins and dolls folks.


Place has turned into a soulless bankers paradise with little or no relation to the rest of the UK. Neo-liberal globalist mecca.Represents the other bankers paradise, which is the EU


You sound quite delusional in the last post. You are talking about one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the world.
News flash -it’s attracted immigrants for over a thousand years and was the heart of the British empire, itself a fairly cosmopolitan affair. Learn your history.

And the EU has 27 countries with a population of what, 500 million people? Much of the EU is doing just fine and they are very happy with the single market and freedom of movement. Banking is not even in the top 10 of concerns of most EU citizens.


I lived in London for a bit and always enjoyed it, it’s like a collection of large towns really and there is something for everybody. True that it became a lot more expensive in recent years but there are still many free attractions to enjoy.


My biggest problem with it is the price of the underground. £5 per ride is fucking nuts, even if you get the Oyster card it’s still something like £2.40. Simply unacceptable. It’s called ‘public transportation’ for gods sake.

It’s even more ridiculous when you compare it to other European cities. In Paris it’s like €1.70 per ride, and cheaper if you use Navigo. Same goes for Vienna where you can get annual pass for just €365, which makes it even cheaper than Taipei,


Of course, i love that London is cosmopolitan. It always has be. Now the place is run by globalist bankers with no responsibility to the population in the UK or elsewhere. Specifically in the last five years, the place has become awful, so not sure when you lived there. Quality of life is terrible.

EU is just the same, they help the rich get rich and the poor stay poor. Im pro immigration, pro Europe and even pro a better EU, but not this one. Do you really think its a coincidence that Barroso went straight from his job as leader of EU to a high paid position in Goldman Sachs.

I would prefer if all countries left the EU and we constructed something better


The EU has some of the most socialist states in the world, which by definition are into income redistribution and looking after the poorer folks.

In Irelands budget yesterday they increased the dole to around 192 euro/week. That is twice northern Ireland’s and UK’s dole. That is far from the most generous dole in the EU. (They also added thousands of teachers positions spending 16% of GDP on education…does that sound like a state led by bankers?).

FactCheck: How do jobseeker’s payments here compare to Northern Ireland?

It’s so much better loads of poor uneducated British migrants are coming in from the U.K. to steal their dole.
‘Irish dole for Irish slackers!’

The research shows more than four times as many Britons obtain unemployment benefits in Germany as Germans do in the UK, while the number of jobless Britons receiving benefits in Ireland exceeds their Irish counterparts in the UK by a rate of five to one.

So pipe down with the whole ‘the EU is run by the bankers’ spiel.

The UK followed an austerity driven ‘make them work and cut their benefits to the bone’ program, then blamed it all on the immigrants and the EU. The Cameron govt brought in total benefit caps (equal to the national average wage per household) which makes it almost impossible for people on social welfare to live in places like London so they are being pushed into other cheaper places like Birmingham.

Then they sold the population some bollocks about trading with new markets , as if they weren’t trading with them already. Why would these new markets be better or offer better deals than the current deal? The U.K. has it’s own currency and bank and the EU already has attractive trading terms with most nations.

Best of all right wing Tories still in power and don’t offer a vote to the parliament or population on biggest decisions in decades!!!

  1. Nobody wants a vote, apart from you. As I keep saying, there is no appetite whatsoever for another referendum
  2. The EU is run by bankers. Its madly unpopular
  3. Nobody wants to get rid of the immigrants apart for a small right wing fringe that is present in all countries.
  4. The Referendum wasnt a vote for the Tories, the Tories wanted to stay in the EU, as did Labour and all the investment banks
  5. As you said, Brexit hasnt happened, so lets wait and see. I expect short term pain in the next few years.

#800 This kind of thing.