Vote by the parliament, the oldest parliament in the world right. If they don’t get a vote then what’s the point of them sitting there?


Yeah, I agree with that. I dont want another referendum though.

I think May is trying to play the illusion of the toughest hand she can manage before going into negotiations that could set the countries future. I dont think she wants to show any weakness to Brussels. Just a hunch anyway.



Once the vote was won they ran to cover their tracks.

This lot still have their preposterous claims up.

May announces NO more money for NHS and recommends them to look at more cutbacks instead like MoD.

However, the prime minister wiped out hopes and told Stevens “the NHS could learn from the painful cuts to the home office and ministry of defence budgets that she and Philip Hammond, the chancellor, had overseen when they were in charge of those departments,” the Guardian cited sources as saying.

Indeed Turkeys can and do vote for Christmas!

More austerity? You got it!
Less tax revenue? You got it!
Less money in your pocket? You got it!
Less investment ? You got it!


This is a catastrophe for bureaucrats and cronies of the Big State. My heart bleeds for them. Where’s that tiny violin?


Aren’t you busy with Clinton farts Trump belches latest news ha?


This is a disaster, and the powers that currently be in the UK, Boris May, and David Fox have not yet woken up to it. I see the future for the UK and it is not nice.

A 20% devaluation is not good, it means that living standards are going to take a huge hit, if inflation is not to eat up any advantage and then some, leaving the UK worse off BEFORE the new tariffs hit half of British exports.

A devaluation is like wetting your pants on a cold day in order to stay warm, it only works short term. That means that in order to have the devaluation work a little more, they need to rebalance the UK domestic economy by lowering domestic consumption. That means lowering living standards.

Nearly everything exported by the UK starts out as imports, and they will become dearer, fueling inflation and decreasing the utility of the devaluation. That means that the advantage comes from lowering the real wage of UK workers substantially. (Fat cats will be looking after themselves, do not worry about them.)

Also, there will be no money for the NHS, they are likely looking at cuts. There will be no money for compensation the export industries for the tariffs they will be hit with, so unemployment will shoot up, as the various industries depending on exports to the EU relocate. The city - it will soon be painfully clear that the EU will do their best to either chase the financial sector to New York or take it inshore, and they have the means.

Also, look beyond the defiant rhetoric and the more aggressive political culture in the UK. Their pound is falling through the floor, probably biggest devaluation for several decades. They are begging for a “win-win” solution with the EU. They are begging finance and industry to stay put, while backtracking from all the frothy promises made.

They have been caught with their collective pants down. The EU will not give the UK a hard deal, they will give it one fair - for the EU. No one in the EU will speak up for the UK. That has been made consistently clear already. What the UK risk is that the EU will spend 2 years on the divorce agreement only and NOT negotiating a new advantageous trade deal for the UK, unless it’s only to the advantage of the EU-27.

Do not get me started on Northern Ireland and Scotland, I think that both eventually will go their own way once austerity starts to bite and the walls start to go up again in Ulster.


But the UK had a nice summer this year, so apples and oranges.


Like the UK economy will dive way below the mean, the tenor of UK politics is reverting to mean, so will the UK weather.


Don’t be silly. Once the dirty foreigners are gotten rid of, there will be jobs a plenty for those oh so hard working Brits, and things will be hunky dory…


Love the tabloid narratives here.


Who ran? There isnt a Brexit political party. All major political parties wanted to remain/. There was a simple referendum on leaving or staying in the European Union. That was it.

This is what makes this thread so hilarious, so many long posts based on so much misinformation. I read the whole spectrum of British news and I have never seen the type of ideological diatribes that I read on here by non-Brits.


UKIP is/was the Brexit political party not so? Farage devoted his whole life to Brexit and when the job was done he quit


Yeah but that is not the point. People were not voting for UKIP or any political party. They were voting on a single issue, leaving the EU. No party made political pledges based on the referendum, because it would be impossible to do so. It was a referendum, not an election.


I’d give 3-1 odds the Euro will collapse first. And 10-1 odds the UK will recover first. The EU is doomed. Why complain about conditions on the lifeboat when the ship is sinking?

Socialized medicine is a mistake. Why throw good money after bad?


OK, in that case I would like to know the size of the bet. I am game up to say NT$200,000 as long as the definitions of what collaps and recovery is are crystal clear.


Why does the EU need to punish the UK? The type of organizations that support punishment for apostates are the Church of Scientology and Islam.


Who is talking about punishing the UK?

The EU is not doing so to a large extent. Cooler heads will prevail, however cool heads set on advancing themselves only. That means that the UK will have noone to go to bat for it, explaining why they are asking for a fair treatment. If you are in doubt, note that with fair, they mean fair to them.

The powers that be in the EU have reminded them that they cannot both have and eat their cake at the same time. When Boris called their calm responses baloney, the German and French foreign ministers offered kindly to send him a copy of the Maastricht treaty so he could read that free movement of goods and people really are 2 sides of the same coin.

This has not dawned upon May and the Brexiteers yet, and large parts of the UK media as well, the quality of the coverage sucks.

There are a lot of tinfoil had bearers in the UK, coverage following:

The EU has been very consistent:

The tabloid journalist sorry foreign minister is desperately trying to build his credibility in the eyes of the… brexiteers?

No I do not see any good coming out of the UK currently, however that will not be needed, the EU will decide what Brexit will mean:


Take my money, three to one. What a joker!


It’s not punishment, the UK government is making a big song and dance about foreigners being the root of the their problems. It’s more like balancing the equation.


The Republicans are big supporters of socialized medicine you do know this I take it?