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Have you been making your brain spooge great again?


It always worries me when I agree with you, but I really do think this sums it up. The EU leadership appears to be a bunch of privileged, over-educated numpties who used to get beaten up after gym class, and they’re now taking out their childhood frustrations on the entire population of Europe. It is an assault, and it’s a much cleverer one than a military attack because it can be dressed up to appear that It’s All For Your Own Good.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept of European union, but you can’t force diverse peoples to unite over things that they fundamentally don’t agree on and don’t even need to agree on. The funny thing is that the EU actually generated a potential solution to this dilemma: some EU directives are expressed as an end goal, with the precise implementation left to individual member states to decide upon. The entire project should have been done that way.

I think Brianjones is right that the UK should have unilaterally tried to address one of the problems first - freedom of movement - and watched to see what happened in other EU countries. I’m pretty sure several of them have similar concerns and would have been keen to come up with a genuine united solution.


Alternative viewpoint . I guess Boris used to beat Dave though.

I’m amazed how it’s the 'EU fault ’ for the UK voting itself out :).


The whole bloody lot of them. Europe has its own version(s) of the Old Boy’s Club. I went to school with people like that. Lovely people, mostly, but utterly fucking clueless about the real world. I can remember one of my friends fretting that the sky was about to fall because his dad hadn’t made enough money to buy a new car this year.

You might be interested to know that most of my posh school chums have left the country. I looked them up on social media a few years back. So they’re not all running the place, or even particularly happy with it.

People don’t do stuff for absolutely no good reason. Why do you think they voted out?

I’m specifically blaming incompetent pen-pushers here, not the EU in general.


Today their influence is no less suffocating. The figures speak for themselves. Only 7 per cent of the population attend a private school. Yet private school pupils represent 74 per cent of senior judges, 71 per cent of senior officers in the armed forces, 55 per cent of permanent secretaries in Whitehall, 53 per cent of senior diplomats, 50 per cent of members of the House of Lords and a third of Russell Group university vice-chancellors. In 2016 more MPs (20) had been educated at Eton College than any other school.


posh twats.


That lot really are posh twats and it seems to work in Britain for the electorate , to a point .

The Labour leadership pre Jeremy Corbyn weren’t much different I’m guessing .

May and Thatcher weren’t totally private schooled to be fair . May is an Oxbridge grad though. Actually so was Thatcher . But Thatcher would have had more challenges to get ahead in her day.

One of the reasons I realised the UK was still very class infected was my ex manager had gone to great lengths to reduce his regional accent , even taking elecution lessons I believe. Maybe it was just him though.

In Ireland there’s also a prevalance of private school folks hogging the top jobs, only difference is they come from more diverse schools .


yea class is certainly a thing. maybe i’m biased though. the part of my family back home who went to grammar school are the biggest twats i’ve ever known in my life.


I’m so disappointed with this country: Why John Cleese is quitting UK

The comedian said the standard of debate around Brexit had been ‘awful’.

On a side note, Michael Palin’s travel shows are quite excellent.


They just miss being the ‘colonial’ rulers!


It’s nobody’s fault. It’s not a fault at all. It’s to the UK’s credit.

But it’s the EU’s fault that Brexit is to the UK’s credit.


In darkest Massachusetts, a ray of enlightenment: the schools are systematically eradicating the local accent. Good riddance, I say.

Last time I was in that neck of the woods, the kids all talked like normal people, even if what they said was dumb as rocks. Only the older folks still squawked like drunken parrots.


Finally the racist agenda goes full circle!
Please, tell Horst Seehofer to outlaw Bavarian! Thanks!
Ah, don’t forget that East German Sächsisch, Flat German, Swiss German and that ugly Austrian.


And screw erhuayin.

Not to mention its British counterpart: the Bristol Long John Silver accent.



Trump takes a dump on May:

I’d feel sorry for her if she weren’t such an arrogant biatch.


okay… the pissing video and now taking a dump. Fake news! :sunglasses:


The UK will be alright. The fine people in charge of the Union of Socialist European Republics know what’s better for everyone.


On that general theme, I found this … from a year ago, and nothing’s changed since then:

I can’t stand Farage - he’s just so thoroughly unlikable - but he’s often right, and (aside from his personal comments about May) he was absolutely right about the progress (or lack of it) of Brexit, and what that means for the electorate.