ok, I can forgive you


Man Trump is a real asshole.
To shit on your host like that .
I’d fuck any guest out who did that to me.

How did somebody with such a personality disorder get to be president of the US. It’s pretty incredible it really is.
Someday the US will need it’s allies again. He’s busy burning them one by one.


She’s something. She’s held on for two years akready under constant attacks and a completely divided party and nation .
I listened to her speech in the parliament a few days ag, it was pretty impressive she just kept on motoring forward. She’s got a thick skin and now has cobbled together something.

But. I don’t think she can get it past the EU and her own party . Let’s see what happens. If anybody think the other snakes in the cabinet would be more trustworthy or capable…I can’t see it.

If Britain wants a hard brexit they can have it. But to think that the US is really going to give it a deal that could even make up for 10% of the economic impact …Led by the same guy who likes to undercut his own hosts and so called closest allies. Not likely in the slightest. An extremely untrustworthy and unreliable and unpleasant individual.

And it’s not the US govt that determines economic impact such as access to the European market of 500 million ppl. The multinationals want that market as priority . They can continue with some investment for UK specifically but will redirect the vast bulk of their investments towards EU customs and single market area. Hence massive boom in US investment in places like Dublin right now.

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Sorry, but she looks like an elderly prostituted and Trumps looks like her bad customer.


Daily Mail saying that it’s shameful that the UK isn’t looking for a mutual deal on financial services.

Hilarious given they actually campaigned for Brexit.


Today’s Daily Finskyism: eating your own :poop: is good for you! :grinning: Plus, people who refuse to do it are wasteful. :no_no:

And not to be outdone, Rollo responds with every time the Donald makes a fuss about the media, he’s really just pretending! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And look at that – he also fit a Boris for Presiminister! endorsement into the Daily Rowlandism! :smile:



So you worship corporations, as long as they don’t go public with their shares, is that it?

Hey, why not? After all, if the US leaves NAFTA it’s totally Canada’s fault, according to @Mick some people. [edited because apparently I misunderstood Mick’s position]

Move over, Paper Bag Princess! Here comes the Paper Bag President! :rofl:


Not quite 100% pure bullshit – you’re losing your touch, Ibby!

Here’s what Jerry actually said:

Speaking at an event this week, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn offered some standard condolences on the situation in Venezuela, saying he was “very sad at the lives that have been lost” amid the country’s spiraling economic and political crisis.

“The people who have died — either those on the streets or security forces that have been attacked by people on the street — all of those lives are terrible for the loss of them,”

“What I condemn is the violence that’s been done by any side and all sides in this. Violence is not going to solve the issues.”

Where does that rank, on a scale from 1 to Charlottesville? :ponder:

A few years ago, he was enthusiastic about the left-wing populist government in Caracas. After President Hugo Chávez died in 2013, the then-Labour backbencher praised the late Venezuelan leader and his “Bolivarian” revolution as an “inspiration to all of us fighting back against austerity and neoliberal economics in Europe.”

When questioned about whether he regretted offering support to Maduro when he came to power, Corbyn said: “I gave the support of many people around the world for the principle of government that was dedicated towards reducing inequality and improving the life chances of the poorest people.”

Where does that rank, on a scale from 1 to very honorable? :ponder:



Would you like to explain what on earth you said there (if anything?)

I was making the point that one could have all the benefits of an integrated Europe without any need for the bureaucratic baggage that (currently) goes with it. The only people who would hate to see that happen are those whose jobs would be revealed as surplus to requirements.


Um, hello? How else would you have your cake after you eat it? Isn’t that the whole point of the expression?

While we’re at it, if you borrow my lunch, there’s no need to give it back later. Honestly! :slight_smile:

(You may or may not be right about European integration. I just thought it was a remarkably odd choice of words.)


@yyy the topic is Brexit, not “Finley’s use of idioms and proverbs”. Please try to keep on topic, as always your input is appreciated, on the topic at hand.


If you look back at the original post, it wasn’t my choice of words: I was responding to someone else using it. In other words, the whole point of my post was to deny that the cake/eating situation exists here.


What’s all this about eating cake and where can I get some ?
Chocolate I hope !


Trumps advice to May.

Sue the EU.

My God the man is a moron.


Something something global Britain.

The reality. Spectacular own goal as the UK makes life hard for itself.

Travellers could also face additional checks as the UK leaves the customs union, while the EU is also pushing forward with plans to force travellers from the UK to apply for travel authorisation in advance, including paying a fee


It’s about time Texas and California become independent countries. Sue them Trump!


Just close the Eurotunnel, no more Eurostar trains. Ferry will do.


Rowing boat ? It’s cheaper and less chance for illegal immigration.


We just go back in time, daily ferries from Dover to Oostende. Brits used to take the Ferry to get drunk and buy cigarettes. It’s a 4 hour booze cruise.


I know it well, Dublin to Holyhead around 3 or 4 hours each way.

Except for the cheap booze on the Irish Sea I think we got the raw end of the deal because Holyhead is an unrelenting shithole.

If I was from Holyhead I would have voted for Earthexit and self destructed the whole town !