My point is brexit hasn’t happened yet.and the good Friday agreement is in operation, it really isn’t as straightforward as you say. Of course when brexiit actually happens they will have to make changes and things could move quickly because of escalation.


You seem to never have lived or traveled trough a prefreemovement Europe.
There are two sides controlling the borders. As you take control of your border Europe will and has to take control of theirs about 200 meters from where your checkpoints are.

If the EU let’s the UK get away with any “you can just trust us”, the single market could/would, and as we know people and opportunities, surely be undermined.

During the war in Yugoslavia they weren’t able to keep the borders free from military surplices. What makes you think goods won’t flow freely from one side to the other and than into the UK and the other way around.
Unacceptable for us as EU members. Out is Out.


If a hard Brexit is the only way to go and they do go forward with that. The only two feasible options I see to make that work, are 1. A hard border, or 2 unified Ireland. I think the latter is the better option, I think most people are leaning that way.

Am I being simple and missing something? Is there option 3? My understanding option 3 or 4 or 5, opens up a new can of worms even worse than 1 and 2. I mean, I can see an argument for NI staying in the EU, except, NI is not a nation and that train of thought seems incredibly convoluted.


And I guess you have never lived traveled though a hard border in NI during WWII, I was having that discussion with someone in my family less than an hour ago.


NI does not need a united Irish state. What it needs is for Ireland to be close to Britain, and Brexit undermines that.


I think if UK is going the route of a hard Brexit, I could make a pretty good case they do indeed need a united Irish state.

I am sure Britain being close to Ireland is an excellent idea, I agree Brexit undermines that, how would you suggest Britain meets what Ireland needs, given Britain voted for Brexit?


I could make a case for the other 2/3ds of Ireland rejoining the UK, end of the day, Brexit is opening up fault lines and it doesn’t help.


Ireland will never rejoin Britain. It also will not exit the EU. Maybe the UK can become part of Ireland to rejoin the EU .


Ha ha, now that’s an idea!


We will leave with No Deal , you have been warned .

We are leaving…We will shoot ourselves…It will be messy .

Hey you over there, wake up , we are leaving !!!

Tory conference: Dominic Raab sets out ‘limits’ for Brexit compromise -


Messy in a way that illustrates exactly why the divorce was needed.


As a leave voter I hope independence arrives next year. However, I trust non of the Davos globalists at the helm.


Good luck with that.
Hilarious listening to a Brit talking about independence. Ironic much.


This article sums up everything I hate about the sneering towards people who voted leave. And I would have remained


People who voted themselves out of their own jobs are idiots. Then they vote for the Tories who give them food banks. Nice one.


This is exactly the type of stuff mentioned in the article. The politics of sneering is how the world got into this destructive culture war


It’s not a culture war it’s a class gap you have in the UK. Instead of a class war for some reason it was redirected, probably due to nationalism which equates the monarchy and the aristocratic institutions with being core British values .
Hat tipping to your betters is a thing, getting excited about the latest royal in a new designer dress to open a hospital ward . Income gap is massive there and the Eton and private school set took over everything , politics and finance. They invested all the cash down South (massive infrastructure projects like Crossrail, London Olympics, docklands , Heathrow, doing up the Royal palaces and all that…) and London is booming, also with all the dodgy money allowed to flow into the property market there . The North is the opposite . Most of the cities there look run down. They don’t seem to have had any decent investment in many many decades. All the angst and kickback is now being redirected against immigrants and the EU, rather than the posh set who run and own much of the country still. You have vast estates held by just a few aristocratic families

It’s an English thing in particular, Scotland and N Ireland voted to stay in the EU.

In the end though people who vote themselves out of their own jobs with very little hope of getting another one…What can you say.


Current Duke of Westminster

“Upon his father’s death, in August 2016, as well as the peerages, he inherited a wealth currently estimated at £9 billion, with considerable trust funds for his sisters.[9] This wealth is held in a trust, of which the Duke is a beneficial owner but not the legal owner — an arrangement which received considerable press attention due to the inheritance tax exemption this confers.[[10]]”


Ha ha Pot…kettle . As I mentioned before…the Uk voted as a whole. AFTER Scotland voted to remain part of the uK. You are incorrect , therefore. You may say California voted by 4 million majority against Trump…but the system ensures no one area can dominate.
You condemn Public School influence in London, whilst conveniently ignoring the same fact in Ireland…but it’s in the EU so things are ok.?
I agree that the Politicians in the UK have screwed things up…but the Non-Public School Ministers seem to have the same failure rate.


I would say it’s worse that just sneering, it’s become a deep seated resentment and loathing of the other side. To the point people have aligned themselves so completely with a particular mentality, there is a refusal to even acknowledge legitimate claims and what would otherwise be considered vile disgusting behavior is now secondary to loyalty to the group identity.