When your ‘mates’ stab you in the back. Strong and stable.

Then BJ goes for a run in the wheat fields to take the piss out of May…Clowns to the Left of me…Jokers to the Right …


Wow, a pro Brexiter is complaining about the EU wanting to control their border, and how this is a bad thing.
I thought taking control of your border is a good thing, or did I misunderstand something here. That’s what Brexit was about right?


Parties have no friends, only interests.

May thinks she can boss everybody around and that makes people her friends. It doesn’t work that way. Except maybe in Equalia.

The way it works is: if you can’t boss everybody around, then you’d better make friends.


Good dancer though…



I really don’t get why she would dance. Does she not know how many people have been ridiculing her? She looks high on drugs.


Strong and Stable.
Strong and Stable.



Never knew what that really meant. Now, I know.


“Dignity of office” is an overrated concept, largely irrelevant in a democracy. The Donald has shown just how superfluous it is.

Let her dance well or badly or not at all. I don’t care. But she screws up the things that matter, and I’m sure as hell gonna dump on her for that.

Two possible reasons to dump on a politician’s dancing.

  1. You got nuthin’. We can rule this one out in this case.

  2. She’s got nuthin’ - and you’re just rubbing it in.


please post a video of you dancing better to that song? :slight_smile:


I don’t have time for this.

It’s not about how she danced, it’s about why she danced.


Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, fart like no one is in the elevator with you.


Just let them keep their little empire! The UK will probably going to experience a serious loss in tourism.


As the pound drops they’ll get more tourists, ironically enough.


I’m not going to go online registering for a permit to enter the UK.


That won’t happen. If Taiwanese ppl can enter the UK with just our passports, Belgian ppl would be able to do the same, whichever deal (or the lack of it) comes through.


I don’t follow. Wouldn’t that be freedom of movement within the EU?


That’s what ‘dancing queen’ is talking about.


No. Freedom of movement means you can live and work in the UK without a visa. Going on holidays is up to Britain’s visa policy.


Sajid Javid has other ideas.