She decided to call a snap election while hiking with her husband. She was very strongly advised not to do it, but did anyway. It’s difficult not to question her judgement.


Yep, she certainly has a bigger pair than Cameron. That isn’t difficult, though.


I’m starting to think Gorden Brown was judged harshly. A man’s man but definitely solidly left ideals. Not your Tony Blair>Obama>David Cameron>Justin Trudeau.

The pretty Justin Trudeau’s with polite speak that hardy makes sense to even themselves, or an ugly Gorden Brown, solid in his convictions and beliefs. I might go with the ugly, and if someone complains Im on the ugly side, i wont offend by telling them outright, but i will think to myself, that what keeps you pretty.


I find it difficult to defend Brown’s decision making prior to 2005. Running a budget deficit year after year during an economic boom is difficult to defend. Once he became PM it was a case of dealing with the oncoming mess Teflon Tony had escaped from, but he put the UK in an increasingly vulnerable position. I didn’t support QE at all, but that seemed to be the standard policy pretty much everywhere after the credit crunch, so can’t really lay that one on him.

I’m sure he had ideals, but he wasn’t a prudent Chancellor of the Exchequer. He was in an impossible position as PM. Very similar, in a way, to May getting left the shit sandwich to deal with by Cameron.


Whose idea was that?

Ever wish you had a PM you didn’t have to make excuses for?


That’s sexist. True, but sexist,


The Orange Man hasn’t done so badly.

Or maybe it depends on how you define “stronger.”


We aren’t talking about The Orange Man right now Rowland, leave it out of this thread at least.


Never going to get a better deal than what’s on the table. Since when is the EU united for that long ? Special interests will start hammering back.


‘the magnificent crapness of her rivals’ :joy:


I was wondering when the mainland Catalonians were going to make an appearance on that. Timed to perfection.

Next up, Elgin Marbles


Funny, that thought crossed my mind. But seriously is anyone surprised by Spain’s reaction. Gibraltar is on the tip of their tongues any time I met a Spaniard and to be fair they have a good point.


The point is there are other tables.

A former president told us all to eat our peas. I for one don’t like being told what to do by the Adult In the Room.

Do you know what a BATNA is? A better question: does Mayday know?


I think the mainsalamanders are looking to take back the rogue territory despite the democratically expressed wish of the residents of said territory to not be taken back. But yea, I agree with you. Falklands and Ireland too please while you are at it thanks!


OK you got me Rowland.

What the fuck is a BATNA?


It’s going to get seriously messy. Coming from a Northern Irish protestant no surrender family, I can assure you that.


In negotiation theory, the best alternative to a negotiated agreement or BATNA is the most advantageous alternative course of action a party can take if negotiations fail and an agreement cannot be reached.


May has her deal agreed with the EU. British better take it as never going to get a better one that that !


No, not from the EU.
May could have signed a blank piece of paper and handed it to them.
‘The EU do not negotiate, they could send in a robot or algorithm to do it.’ as the bald Greek finance minister said this week…

Surprised as someone so into crypto you support globalism.
Everyone I know into it is against the EU, etc…


Why would I be against the EU? The country I’m from has benefited immensely from membership and I love the freedom to work and travel all around Europe. They also help with keeping open borders on island of Ireland. Maybe you don’t know many Irish people.