Yeah. Before, everyone was saying UK Parliament simply would not allow for a no deal Brexit. Now, it seems the majority of MPs say they will vote against the deal. If that doesn’t mean no-deal Brexit, then what does? I mean, what’s the alternative to Parliament rejecting the deal?


The alternative is no deal brexit!
Most talking heads expect it to be rejected at first, lots of wailing and shouting , then with some very minor changes for face , to be put back on the table and accepted. It’s really not a bad deal overall , it delivers on end of freedom of movement and gets the UK into the next important phase, the trade agreement.

I hope the British now realise most of the EU countries have been going easy on them in terms of special interests, for instance the UK is NOT the only country to have a fishing fleet full of annoying fishermen lol.


"The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates that European agricultural policies cost EU consumers €16 billion (£12.6 billion) in subsidies and tariffs.

The fisheries policies impose quotas on UK fishermen and grants equal access to other European fishing fleets to the UK 200-mile exclusive economic zone around the UK coastline, preserving a 12-mile zone for exclusive UK boats."

I believe the brits wouldn’t mind if the annoying fishermen in their own waters were actual brits. Maybe some of the several thousands who lost their jobs thanks to the Eu regulations.


Maybe they shouldn’t have sold off their fishing quota to foreign companies then ?
Also there’s a limited amount of fish in the sea, it’s not an inexhaustible resource. It doesn’t really matter a lot about membership of the EU or not if there aren’t any fish to catch!

Fishing fleets exist all over the EU, not just in the UK.


I look at the sort of people saying this would be a bad thing, and that along makes me think it would be worth a shot.

Never be the one who needs a deal. Neediness is a bad bargaining position.


You’re getting closer to enlightenment here. Think this through further… you’re on the right track.


Finish your point .


I won’t do your homework for you, but I’ll give you a hint on occasion. Hint: self determination.


= shooting yourself in the head

but then the English would never be so stupid, now, would they?


No deal better than a bad deal ?
Sunderland workers ?


well, they were the 2nd largest economy in Europe and now the Eu threats like someone who lost a war and should be fined into oblivion. Considering that they chose to be part of the brave&stunning Eu project, I’d say their decision making skills have been questionable.


Oh my oh my, the EU is a big bully.

Wait a second, I thought the EU was weak, fractured and on its last legs ?

Job losses in the North of England could be absolutely devastating. Modern business is internationally integrated and depends on smooth trade links. I think people are waking up to the reality now.


It’s not only the North of England and manufacturing either.


Questionable decision making ?

Sunderland is by far Nissan’s largest European plant, but the company has other factories in Europe. The current priority for the alliance, overseen by Ghosn, is a €10bn (£8.9bn) global cost-cutting programme to be implemented by 2022. It is increasingly moving towards a standard manufacturing method that can make both Renault and Nissan models. Already the Renault factories at Flins and Le Mans in France are making the Nissan Micra, in huge numbers.

Although it has invested £4bn since 1986 to make Sunderland its European base, Ghosn has said it will be reviewed if Britain becomes uncompetitive due to Brexit. “I don’t think any company can maintain its activity if it is not competitive,” Ghosn said in June. “If competitiveness is not maintained, little by little you’re going to have a decline. It may take some time, but you’re going to have a decline.”


You mentioned several times that you support the EU because of the money they gave to your country. So essentially the EU took taxpayers money from Eu citizens, redistributed to your country and bought it, since now you (and I guess many others from your country) support whatever the Eu does. It’s not much different from the countries in Africa or S.America that roll a red carpet for China.

I’m not really interested in your opinion regarding the Eu because by your admission it’s biased, and in several threads you have demonstrated that you don’t even know how the Eu actually works (like when I told you the Eu commission has legislative and executive powers and you called me:“FAKE NEWS!!1!! emote” only to take a step back after I linked you the Wiki article that shows that the EU commission is literally the only one to have legislative and executive powers in the Eu).

It’s pointless for you to keep cherrypicking articles that show how the Uk is doomed due do its decision about leaving the Eu; it’s absolutely obvious it will happen. The problem is that it SHOULDN’T happen. If the Eu was just an office that made it easier for countries to trade goods and make it easier for people to travel or work abroad, I wouldn’t have an issue with it. The fact that the Eu commission can operate as an over-state government, collect absurd amount of public money from each state member and use that money for its own political gain is insane.We’re seeing something that looks like a Union of European Socialist Republics where the people in charge of it nominate each other and operate (theoretically) independently from each single member state. It’s appalling. There are countries in the Eu whose leaders get elected but can’t govern the way they want because the Eu blocks their reforms (in before:“FAKE NEWS!!1!emote” -> check last week news about the italian fiscal maneuver).

I don’t care about the negative effects of this or that, it’s the system as a whole that is being run as a power grab, and the fact that some people’s pockets are getting bigger at the expense of others doesn’t change my opinion on it.


So sore … Hahaha. Support for EU membership is over 90% in my home country and we are net contributors to the EU.

It works and you know what ? It worked pretty well for the UK too which built a massive financial services sector on the back of it and also large numbers of manufacturing jobs off the export market …

Job losses are job losses. Debt. Poverty. Lower living standards. Crime. Less opportunities.

Real stuff, not like slogans on a bus fronted by some posh lad with a trustfund in his pocket and a few gaffs in Kensington .

What morons don’t get is NO country is fully independent , it’s all a power play. The UK isn’t big enough like China or the US to swan around town beating it’s chest telling people what’s what…That again is the REAL world.


The UK has the best deal of any EU member.
No euro, continue it’s off shore financial services,
opt out of fundamental rights charter, eurozone passporting rights but not in eurozone, not in schengen zone, even got a special rebate on its budget every year! Amazing deal as Trump would say.

Look at the piece of shit deal they are getting now compared to it. No access to services market, disaster. Even Norway has a better deal and yes they pay for it. Nothing is for free.

British people were sold a pack of lies, making it sound like austerity was the result of EU membership , it wasn’t. It’s the Tories, those guys people keep voting for !
The majority of immigration is also from non EU member states. The UK could always put limitations on rights of residence of Europeans.
Making it sound like the EU is broke and falling apart…It’s not. Many countries in the EU have very strong economies and are far more prosperous than the UK . Even Poland is booming now.
That other countries are lining up to give the UK amazing trade deals and new markets abound…they aren’t.
Euro government institutions are undemocratic…they arent.
Turkey was going to join the EU…It wasn’t .
UK would be forced to join European army…Impossible, every member country has a veto.
EU budget contributions would go to the NHS…It won’t.

This is where believing in fake news and lies gets people. Nowhere.


Tell that to the yellow shirts in France, somehow I don’t think you will be able to convince them they are living in a utopian paradise.


That’s all you got Mick…
That’s a bit weak . Jeez the brexiteers are a bit beaten down these days. :slight_smile:


You don’t want to hear genuine grievances, just thought I would point out what is happening right now in France. Not everyone is happy.