Yes blame it on the EU that the UK votes itself out of the EU cos ‘foreigners’ and 'EU takes our money ’ and ‘take back control’, then has second thoughts about it.

LMAO whiney cry babies.

Never seen more whining in my life…If you want to take back control take back control !!

Otherwise the EU has actually offered you a chance to remain in the EU. Up to you.


don’t worry, they’re trying to fix the lack of tanks.


Waaah waaaah …It’s de foreigners…Its de EU…It’s the Soviets…

Make up your mind. Take back control. Strong and Stable. Brexit means brexit.


Waaah…the evil bully Norway is going to stop us taking back control…And they aren’t even in the EU.

They attacked the idea as “neither in Norway nor the UK’s interest”. The UK would need Norway’s permission to join its Efta club.

Lunde told the Guardian: “Really, the Norwegian option is not an option. We have been telling you this for one and a half years since the referendum and how this works, so I am surprised that after all these years it is still part of the grown-up debate in the UK. You just expect us to give you an invitation rather than consider whether Norway would want to give you such an invitation. It might be in your interest to use our agreement, but it would not be in our interest.”

Explaining Norway’s fear of the UK joining the Efta club, she said: “The three countries in Efta have to agree on all the regulations coming from the EU, so if one country vetoes something we all have to veto, which means that if the UK enters the Efta platform and starts to veto regulations that we want, this will affect not just the UK but also us as well. Part of the success we have had with this EEA agreement is for the last 25 years is that we do accept the rules and regulations that do come out of the EU, mostly because it is in our interest.


Brexiteers actually want to make the average Brit POORER in the name of ‘competitiveness’.


Jim Mellon stood out among investors in 2016 as a public backer of Britain’s exit from the European Union. And the chairman of the Burnbrae Group forecasted another breakup. Mellon predicts the euro will become a future casualty of a rising anti-establishment tide, causing the currency union to splinter within the next five years.

“Brexit is going to be a sideshow to the problems of Europe that are becoming more and more evident,” Mellon said. “The euro as it stands at the moment is just a very inappropriate mechanism — I give the euro between one and five years of life.”

I agree with him. Brexit will seem insignificant in the longer term. Last survey stated 60 % just wanted out…just out including remainers. Save those Euros for the fireplace. Your “stable” Europe going so well. People in glass houses et al.


Davis says the pound dropping even more will be just great for the UK.

Madness. Did he forget the UK imports most of its fuel and food?

And why is the pound dropping Europe’s fault when it’s something brexiteers WANT! They want to impoverish workers for ‘competitiveness’.


great for who? it ain’t great for most. fuck these people. they fooled the common folk into taking brexit, simple as that. since then most people who voted no longer believe in it.


Laughably leading Brexiteers are threatening to disrupt importation of food supplies …Into Britain . Not only do they want to make British people poorer by killing investment , putting up trade barriers to Europe and weakening the pound even further they now want to starve British people into obedience.:neutral_face:

They are ‘threatening’ Ireland that they won’t import food into Britain from Ireland (UK has a huge food deficit…It must import enormous quantities of food every single day…Ireland had a large food surplus ).

Seize the Traitors !

Mr Hogan, speaking at an event in Dublin, said the remarks showed “how much out of touch” the Conservative MP was because the UK must import 60 per cent of its food. Moreover, 43 per cent of the food consumed by the UK comes from the Republic


Apologies if this has been posted before. I don’t care much about Brexit tbh but I found it interesting.


aiyo. Let’s stop with the doom and gloom already. Brexit is a done deal. The currency falling through the floor has to be accepted and dealt with, one way or another. As for the food supply specifically, it’s been a looming problem for years, so this might be an incentive to actually f’ing do something about it.

Successive governments have slowly eviscerated British farming, encouraging a race to the bottom in pricing and quality, bringing in shady multinationals to run the show, and fucking over independent producers and retailers. The NHS now spends 25% of its budget on diet-related disease, in no small part as a direct result of misguided policy choices.

In some respects they’ve had no choice: rules from Brussels must be obeyed. In fact DEFRA already has a bunch of rule changes lined up regarding subsidies that look very positive. DEFRA may even (one day) turn out to be useful to British farmers, as opposed to a millstone around their necks. We can but hope.

Anyway, there’s nothing like an impending famine to focus the minds of the great and the good.


Why is that, by the way?


Because they don’t have enough food and fuel by any chance and people need to eat and keep warm to stay alive?

Still the height of stupidity to threaten to throw up barriers for importing food from the nearest country that supplies a significant proportion of your food…That’s the way these dumbarses think. Do they know that the exit part of the agreement is supposed to be done by March 2019?

What’s next we won’t import oil we will get our own…ehmmm…


How does it happen to come about?


May, not having the votes to pass her Brexit deal, decided to postpone it and try and go back to the EU and re-negotiate.

The EU has made it clear, there is not going to be a re-negotiation. So, she’s wasting time, she will come back in a week, or two, or a month and the result will be the same only a bit closer to the March 29 deadline.

I’m guessing the Conservatives don’t want Boris Johnson stepping in if Theresa
May steps down. He might actually do a hard Brexit. I’m guessing they don’t want Jeremy Corbyn to call a vote of no confidence either.

So it seems to me, she needs to get a friendly in to take over but keep the likes of Boris out, or do what she said she would never do, hold another referendum. What a mess.


They should have thought of that when North Sea oil output peaked in the 90s. 20-odd years later, and Britain is still burning through oil like a burglar burning through his dole cheque.

It seems to me that European governments in general - including the UK - don’t seem to grasp basic life skills like spending within one’s means. The UK fed itself (and produced a fair chunk of its own fuel) through WW2. There’s only one reason it can’t be done now: persistent, Olympic-grade incompetence.

If Britain caves to the EU now, they’re fucked even more royally than they think they are now. It’ll be equivalent to “Peace For Our Time”. There will be no more arguing with rules from Brussels, and the country will take its place as a pointless little excrescence dangling off the edge of France.

It’s really a pity there’s nobody left in Parliament with any balls. Just depressing watching May witter and whine and plead with grey-suited little bureaucrats instead of getting some smart people around the table to figure out how to make this work.


don’t you know that before the Eu everyone in the UK was starving? All those photos of starving kids were not from africa but from britain. The media tried to hide it in order to protect the far right nationalists who caused it to happen.

Waiting for my 0.05 euro check to come through the mail


What is clear is other EU states have figured out how the backstop in May’s agreement can be used as leverage. Emmanuel Macron is already smacking his chops at the prospect of using an indefinite period in limbo as leverage against the UK to cede unrelated issues like fishing rights, one should expect all the other EU states will do the same. I’m guessing Spain will have something to say about Gibraltar too.


That’s incorrect.
The French and Spanish could have thrown a wobbly and prevent any agreement being agreed, they haven’t to date.

Also in the next phase (political agreement and trade agreement ), that’s where they would do the horse trading of a permanent settlement. With or without a backstop doesn’t matter, they would have to agree to everything or nothing.

The original proposal was to leave N Ireland in the customs union as a ‘backstop’ for Northern Ireland . The UK (May and Ollie) actually pushed for an ‘all UK backstop’ as a convenient way to deal with the border but to stay in the customs union but not label it as such (but it’s still labelled as an Irish backdrop weirdly ). If the UK doesn’t want to stay in the customs union it can chuck the backdrop, but it will cause both a hard border in N Ireland and tarrifs to go up and massive economic disruption.

Rest of the EU including Ireland is sick of being used as a scape goat for everything.

The UK should have gone for some kind of Norwegian plus deal from the start…Madness the way this has all proceeded.


Won’t the EU negotiating position be strengthened by UK going through with an exit on March 29, but not actually allowing for an exit to occur until a final agreement is made and if one isn’t reached in the 20 month or so time period then the backstop comes into play which can see the UK having to abide by all EU rules, unable to make deals with other nations all the while the UK has no say in what happens in the EU.

If I were France and Spain, I would wait for May’s deal to kick in before really trying to leverage what I wanted because their bargaining position just got stronger. Why wold you expect otherwise?