So was everyone else. Britain joined the EC barely two decades after WW2. I was two years old. It’s probably hard for us to imagine today what a long shadow the war cast over Europe.

Of course it’s impossible to say what would have happened if the UK had never joined the EU, but in recent years at least, the positives have been outweighed by the negatives. Hence (I think) IbisWtf’s comment about the UK’s present weakness. Of course it’s not all the EUs fault that the UK is a shithole, but there are some specific dysfunctional features of EU rules that you can point to and say, yeah, that just isn’t going to work.

Quite correct. But for some reason, May doesn’t realise this.


Chaos- ordering preparation for no deal as priority while pushing a deal that will not be approved and others pushing 2nd referendum. No actual work getting done.

May should stop pretending she wants a deal she is heading full strong for hard brexit. Businesses all over UK will be freezing their investment budgets right now for next year.

No 10 confirmed on Tuesday that cabinet ministers would “ramp up” no-deal planning, and that the departments would be expected to make it their main priority.


If you don’t prepare for hard Brexit, then that is not an option.

The EU has been preparing for a hard Brexit much longer than May and 100 days out, preparing for a hard Brexit still looks like a bluff.


It’s a total bluff and it’s 95% for domestic consumption. It causes business groups to rightly panic then May points to them and says to parliament…see if you don’t vote for this deal it’s on your head.

Personally I think it’s a shit plan that could drag the UK disastrously out by hard brexit.

The only reason she hasn’t rescinded article 50 yet is because a) she was the one that actioned it b) she will try to play it to the wire… a dangerous game that is still causing damage.

They are going to pull Article 50, only ones really against it are ‘brexit at any costs’ crowd. It’s not getting much airplay in British media not sure why.



I don’t think they’re coming up with Machiavellian strategies. That would imply they have some ability to actually come up with strategies.


I don’t think there are any other strategies available. It’s May’s deal, remain, or uncontrolled hard Brexit.

She appears to be playing brinkmanship, but actually she has no choice.


Corbyn calling May “stupid woman”

Lol. Even some deaf people (can read lips) who had no idea of the news said he said it. lol


How nebulous of him!


He clearly said “stupid woman”, which is a correct statement as long as we make the assumption that May is a woman.
But the current year media should put him on a cross, just like it happens with every politician/pundit/whatever who makes this kind of remark.


I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because it looks like he could have said either phrase. OTOH … why is it OK to say “stupid people”, but not “stupid woman”? Are women incapable of being stupid?


The error is in categorizing women as people.



It’s pretty bizarre. Also feel a bit sorry for him because it wasn’t supposed to be a public remark , just off the cuff reaction.


No one is negotiating in good faith here. My take is that the EU and May are both desperate to save face, having both bungled badly. At this point, they can’t both save face.

But they can both lose face. And probably will.

Britain had a problem with malnutrition in the late stage of the Empire - proof that they were doing a poor job of imperialist exploitation toward the end. Now they’re doing an even worse job of post-imperialism.

England has lost its way and lost its self respect. May is no Thatcher, Thatcher was tough, but May is just bitchy.


Yeah, I think May is trying to channel Thatcher, but completely failing to understand what made Thatcher Thatcher.


I agree. It’s pretty sad how people will pick up on something like this and ignore the entire content of the rest of the debate. Who cares what he said in a moment of frustration.


Yeah it’s trying to turn people into robots , just like May ironically ! The Maybot…

Why folks vote for Trump is because they can instinctually see, WYSIWYG…What you see if what you get. With all the rudeness and crassness there is little to hide.


UK Minister Defends Giving Brexit Ferry Contract to Company with No Ships

January 2, 2019 by Reuters



Look over there !
There’s a migrant crisis and the navy has been called in!