Its nice to see that the ferry policy is at least perfectly in line with the overall brexit strategy


Battleship Britannia no one allowed in or out .


Least they get any paint on their shoes


Interesting that the EU sees the UK as a country that could house 124 million new 3rd world migrants. Ireland could expect a population of 65 million. Austria (8m) can have 75 million people Bulgaria (7m) could have 104m France (63m) could have HALF A BILLION Germany (82m) could have 275m Hungary (10m) could have 82m Italy could have 242m. Greece 121m up from 11m.


They are just trying to make a point , very very poorly, that you squeeze a lot more population into each country. And therefore the small extra amount of population of refugees isn’t very Significant . And that Germany and others took a lot more in per head. It’s obviously a report used to push for current refugee distribution .

Not that’s it should be our problem if Germany wants to take in so many refugees.

Ireland would have a lot more people if the UK didn’t have genocidal policies towards native Irish during the great famine. Fortunately we ultimately fought our way out of that union.


What is their density threshold? Taiwan?:rofl:


I’m trying to get my head around just how meaningless those numbers are but I don’t think I can manage it. Can’t believe someone got paid to do that.


When two failures put their heads together…

May and Merkel are trying to work something out, because compromise. But the little people need not be consulted.


I feel like there’s gonna be a riot in March on the streets of London.


also on the streets of Birmingham…


Will anyone notice the difference if there is one?


I blame Larry David for scripting this. Apparently in the next two episodes May will win a vote of no confidence and then put the exact same plan up for defeat a second time.


That’s pretty interesting - I’m surprised nobody else has commented on it.

The question arises: why would such a flood of refugees occur, and would it not be simpler and cheaper to just occupy whatever failed states are generating them?


Occupation is unthinkable for ideological reasons. It’s considered a naughty thing to do.


OTOH, running your country into the ground and keeping millions of people in grinding poverty is NOT considered a naughty thing to do. Therein lies the problem, I reckon.

Um … just to be clear, I’m referring to countries like the DRC, not the UK. Although I do realise the above statement could probably apply to both.

I really do think there’s an urgent need for an international mechanism for putting entire countries “under administration”, analogous to the procedures for a failing corporation. At least the threat of occupation should be on the table: the current method of giving venal dictators lots of money if they promise to behave themselves has some serious flaws, IMHO.


In the UK’s case they have this already. Mrs E. Windsor should just take over and sort the mess out.


Trouble is, Charles would soon be in her place.


but you are against letting us do the same , apparently?opinion -wise
I stand to lose a lot in the short term by leaving. Both parties have been a disaster for the UK over the last decades. Every important vote is filled with mis-information and different agendas. The Voters were perfectly aware of these things and , I hope , voted for the bigger questions that were raised.
They may have voted leave because they wanted less immigration , or less EU Federalism or…any reason they had . Biggest vote ever . Quite clear of the importance of Leave .

The ballot paper did not have this added section: ( leave a few bits).

However unpalatable to Remainers or EU citizens , this was decided by the referendum.
You can’t ignore a vote because you think it’s a wrong decision, but that is what has been going on. ( Well in the case of Ireland and Denmark they did …but sweetened it up a bit before a second referendum )
blaming the intelligence , age, demographic of the Voters is puerile and completely undemocratic. Countries are made up of many . It’s not perfect , but it’s the best we have imo.
I will lose out financially , in a big way, trying to sell my house in England, both currency and Market value-wise, but some principles are worth it. Rant over :smile:


Nobody is stopping the UK leaving. It’s right on track at record pace to leave within a couple of months !

The biggest problem with Brexit is mainly due to May putting all the red lines in unnecessarily tying her own governments hands. This is useful for the minority that want a hard brexit but not the majority who don’t.

And if there is any ambiguity as to what the majority actually want well they should have a vote on it.

She keeps hanging on and waffling on but she doesn’t have any solution.


I don’t think her heart is in it. Her behavior exemplifies the very problem that makes Brexit necessary: arrogance toward her constituents and to her own cabinet, contrasted with sycophancy toward the statist class of Europe. She is not a natural ally, but a natural enemy of Brexit.

She may be sabotaging it on a subconscious level. In the process, she does herself a great deal of damage because the subconscious is stupid. She wants it to fail and won’t admit that to herself.

Yes, it’s mind reading. But absolutely everything she says and does is consistent with this. The pattern is blatant.

Neither strong not stable, she is conflicted and brittle. All the signs of a personality divided against itself.