Same here. I’m really suffering financially because of Brexit. But I still think it’ll prove to be the right decision long-term.

Or … she could merely be an incompetent upper-class twit who has been promoted way above her pay grade.

But yeah, she certainly doesn’t have any obvious enthusiasm for it. Or, come to think of it, for anything else. She’s greyer than John Major.




And there’s this:



Before the first referendum polls also found over half of Brits wanted to stay, the rest is history.


On the other hand,


Haha…Really shows the shitshow that referendum has become.


Just a reminder of their last failure
Britain is narrowly on course to vote to stay in the European Union, five final opinion surveys suggested last night, as the polls closed and counting began in the most fiercely fought and significant referendum in a generation.

A YouGov poll of 5,000 people released at 10pm put Remain on 52 per cent (up one per cent on its last poll) and Leave on 48. An internal poll carried out by the campaign group Leave.EU of 10,000 people over the last 48 hours suggested the same headline result.
Difficult to say, but IMO every Leave voter I know, is more convinced than ever .
You can analyze every past vote/decision in History if you like , and choose anything that lost . How about the Chilcott enquiry , I am not happy . Blair was guilty. Can we have another one?
Far more funding and unhelpful speculation went into the Remain propaganda machine… I guess , looking at the Lisbon Treaty, in detail, if you think people were uninformed, would certainly have persuaded more Leavers to vote.
Your argument is because we have been dicked around by an inept Government ,who have failed to deliver a Manifesto pledge,along with the intransigence of the EU, who of course wanted to repeat the 2nd vote ploy, that people may want to change their minds ?
I wonder what the vote would be as to whether to we should have gone to Iraq or the Falklands or every Referendum …Scotland…anything.
Dress it up however you wish but you propose that the biggest voted on decision in our history …be un-democratically reversed.


Britain doesn’t have a lot of experience with referendums. It’s fairly common to have multiple referendums on the same issue over a period of years.


Only if the EU decrees it BJ :kissing_heart:


I’m not talking about Lisbon treaty referendums (the EU did change some articles and the people voted again…and never looked back…Ireland is booming again ).
I’m actually talking about divorce and abortion referenda in Ireland over a period of many years. The will of the people constantly shifts and changed.
I’m sure other countries like Switzerland have similar patterns.


I accept that point but here is a problem in UK politics, seriously. Cameron stated this was a once in a lifetime Vote…there will not be another one …out is out. May was elected on that platform also…Leave means leave… The country voted for a leave party ( 2 votes) .It could not have been clearer. The complete failure to even get close to an agreement was obvious from early days.
The people are so depressed with MP’s whose constituencies , in some cases had a 69% leave vote, voting to Remain.
Almost every Media outlet , and pressure that could be exerted , was used .
Personally , knowing the EU modus operandi , we should have left immediately and not had the charade of the last 2 years. Yes , pain , but everyone would have to sort each issue out . This was never a “negotiation”, it’s tragic.
I think the EU is in real trouble ( although I respect that you don’t feel the same) and as Freddie M said …" I just want to break free"


Thanks for actually accepting a point of mine. And I agree that they voted for leave as a small majority of the voters.
But whole nations in the UK had a vote to remain too. And there’s no clear mandate for anything.
I highly doubt many leave voters voted for a hard brexit.

Mainly I am incredulous at the political
shitshow that has only snowballed over the last month !


Because it’ll force Britons to stop being the pathetic bunch of whining losers that they presently are, and face the fact that nobody is coming to flush the toilet for them, feed them their dinners, or generally make everything all right again.

The country is a laughingstock not because they voted to leave; but faced with the reality of the situation, they have no clue how to stand on their own two feet and make adult decisions. They’re virtually begging for someone - anyone - to just tell them what to do.


I think that there is a growing realization , that so many politicians ,all over the World ,are forcing bad policies, some of which they were not elected for, on the people.
UK has a stark choice…Useless May, or the Marxist opposition Party. No winners there.
Forumosa could have done a better job of sorting it out WITH EU help. yes, the EU should have seen the potential issues , but they also , did not want to facilitate our leaving , and that makes any meaningful deal impossible.


“I will lose out financially , in a big way, trying to sell my house in England, both currency and Market value-wise, but some principles are worth it. Rant over”

personally i would stick with the better financial option than expecting those running the country to follow up on anything based on principles. that’s yours and a lot of peoples mistake.


Yeah…People let alone politicians don’t go along very well with principals.

This is a catastrophic shitshow. Our company has put all investments in UK on hold. Opportunities are declining there. We operate multiple facilities around the world for manufacturing so have ample choices about where to 'do stuff '. We will still have a large presence in the UK but likely it will not expand now and other sites will be prioritised for investments.

We need to be able to ship parts and finished products with ease across the EU and worldwide. We also have many mobile international workers. Some of our products are manufactured to EU medical guidelines, CE IVD, another issue.


She’s not very bright is May…
In truth she’s one of the biggest problems.



FFS. If that’s their attitude, British people deserve to get utterly fucked over by the EU. Hard to believe that a nation of 60 million professional victims turned WW2 around.